surely someone has tried mannatech , please give me

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    some feedback on the ambrotose product. i am being pushed hard to try this expensive product. the claims are fantastic. the testimonials appear to be very sincere but i will only believe it when i here from someone who has used it and is not selling it. for those of you who don't know it is a glyconutrient (a combination of sugars) that are supposed to heal almost everything. they particularly claim fm/cf can be treated. it sounds to good to be true. this is my second post so please respond if you have anything to say good or bad. thanks,redtex.
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    Sorry I didnt see your previous post..anyway, I tried ambrotose for 4 months or so.. The first week I really did feel better, but then I just went downhill. I dont know what happened, but after 4 months of feeling like I was dying, I gave up cause it was too expensive to keep taking something that made me feel worse.

    So that is my experience..I wish I knew why I felt better at first, but never did figure it out. Good luck if you try it.
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    Ambrotose, 06/07/06 04:25 PM

    Yes, I used it for just one month, about 2 or 3 years ago. I DID feel better while using it. I was away for the summer and just never reordered it. You should probably give it at least a few months for a good trial.

    I have been wanting to try it again, and there was a guy on here recently, MikeReynolds, who started a thread telling us about his improvement with Glyconutrients. He lists a lot of the individual sugars you can get and that it is much cheaper.
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    I don't know about this product, but if you read others' posts about the reactions to things that are working for them, they DO feel very sick as viruses and bacterias are being killed off.

    Mikie and Stormyskye have done a lot of posting about this type of thing, maybe you could look at some of their posts and realize that anything that really helps also gives you side effects, but they recommend ways to help those (especially "pulsing" the products).

    Hope this helps...
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    The treatments I have posted about are ones designed to kill off pathogens. The Herxing from those kinds of treatments are a different thing than side effects from supplements unless those supplements are designed to kill pathogens.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for posting your question about "ambrotose", sold by Mannatech. Your interest in hearing from people with first hand experience is what I also believe in. The high pressure you feel is exactly what I felt when they presented their products to me. Multi-level marketing companies, like Mannatech have sales pitches that are usually slick, promise you the world, want you to get on a treadmill buying their expensive products and have unverifiable results.

    Luckily I did not give in to the pressure and have tried to find folks with personal experiences with Mannatech's products. Thanks to suz9601 I've now heard results from someone who actually used their products. Elliespad also mentioned using their products. This message board can be a valuable tool for all of us when we share our personal information and are not trying to make a sale.

    My personal experience, in traveling the road of having fibromyalgia, has me questioning all the easy solutions companies offer. Seems like more & more people don't trust businesses, just as they don't trust government. They appear to work hand in hand in their attempt to keep people in the dark regarding the truth and reach in their pockets at the same time.


    Bob Earl

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    This product has been around for so long that I think we would have heard more people rave about it over the years if they got major help with it.

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    Hi, redtex!

    I tried Ambrotose for about four months and it didn't agree with me. It gave me nerve pain. It didn't make me feel the slightest bit better.

    But it seems to work great for some people. I just know from personal experience that it doesn't work for everyone.