surgery and anaesthetic.

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    Hi all,
    Normal service has resumed,got through the PMS stage and thinking more rationally!!
    My gynae has offered me a hysterectomy as i suffer badly from PMS.Great, but i was wondering if having CFS will it take me longer to recover post op.
    Has anybody had any sort of surgery that could offer advice
    Take care
    Justine xx
  2. frosty77

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    I had 2 surgeries in the last 10 years - both were fine, recup time was normal (one of them was back surgery, non-laser, and I was back to work in a week).
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    well in my case i have had cfids, fibro for over 12 years now. and i had a hysterectomy on 3-5-08 needless to say i didnt do my homework very well, i had a total they toook everything.and it clearly states that a hysterectomy will worsen existing conditions. i didnt read this untill after my surgery & boy were they right. my Mitral valve prolapse, cfids,fibro,& all the other stuff has definately gotten worse, i feel like i traded one problem for another & wish i would have never had the surgery.BUt thats Just me, and my expierence. Please know everything before you have the surgery the good & the bad. i will also be taking Hormones now for the rest of my life. now i have to add 4 more meds to all the other stuff i take. Surgery is hard on us cfids patients. be sure & read up on Anesthesia, there is some we handle better than others. so just be informed.And make sure you talk to the doc & anesthesiologist about all your concerns. Hope this helps some. Kat
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    for your doctor to offer a hysterectomy! poor thing.

    i guess everyone will react differently.

    i have read that it can take longer for people with CFS and FM to recover from surgeries.

    for me, i developed my FM a week after my hysterectomy.

    it will be exactly one year on the 28th of this month since i had my surgery. i had it for endometriosis.

    i started hemorraging after my surgery and had to be put back under real fast for a second surgery, so in my case, i believe all that activity shocked my central nervous system.

    i've also heard of alot of other cases where woman developed FM after a hyster.

    if you don't mind me asking, how old are you? do you have any children?

    i'll be 33 in August, and have 1 daughter.

    even though i was in severe pain before my surgery, and thought i was fine with the idea of not having anymore children, i still grieve over the fact that i can't have anymore.

    i would just think long and hard about your decision, and also explore any other alternatives you could try.

    have you tried some of the new birth control pills they have out, advertised for PMS?

    best wishes with yuour decision.<3
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    Thanks for all your replies,it has really helped me.
    I am 36 and have two children,defo not having any more hubby had a vasectomy!!
    My gynae is great he explained all the pro's and con's and it gave me plenty to think about.
    This last month of PMS has been hell,i have felt suicidal but it all goes when i start my period.
    I don't,can't feel like that every month,and cope with the CFS.Its sheer torture.
    I cant tolerate hormones and have tried a few.The only thing that was of any help was PROSTAP that stops your cycle completely.The problem tho is my gynae says its only licensed to give for 6 months and i have had all 6.
    I am confused cause in the states you have something similar and from reading women are on it for years.
    I Will try some alternative medicines and hope for the best.
    Take care everybody and thankyou again.
    Justine xx
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    I think there was a study out recently that linked hysterectomy with premature or earlier -onset dementia. There was also a slight but not statistically important link to Alzheimers.

    Dont' take my word for it. Check it out. I read the AP story on the study.. so it's on yahoo.

    CFIDS patients should load up on B12 before any kind of anaesthesia. We're usually depleted in B12 and anasthesia can deplete it further.

    Have u tried all the alternative remedies for PMS? Most CFS & FM patients are depleted in magnesium and magnesium depletion is implicated in PMS.

    There may be a B6 connection too. Can't remember now. I'm sure it's available for the googling.

    Good luck

  7. daftlass

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    I am well impressed,that info is fantastic.
    I am going to print that off.

    Thankyou sooooo much.