surgery comming up need some advice

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    Hey everyone I am new to this chat but I need some help. I am a 48 yr old women who suffers from OA and FM. I am going to under go a complete hip replacement on April 28th. And to be very honest I am really scared. I keep this brave front up for my familly but deep down inside I am screaming in fear. I really would love to talk to others who have undergone this procedure. I would like to know what I am up against. And maybe even a little word of wisdom from someone would go a long way. So if there is anyone out there that can spair a shoulder for me to lean on I would be greatly appreciative. thanks
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    Since you have not received a response, it might be an idea to search the internet to get information about this. Or call your surgeon's office and ask if they have any literature or a video or CD that you could watch.