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    Has anybody with CFS and multiple chemical Sensitivity had surgery doing a hysterestomy? and, where you able to get through the surgery.

    thankyou for your time!!!

    p.s. if anyone knows, please post a message!!

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    I wasn't diagnosed with FM until AFTER my hysterectomy, but I have had some symptoms for a long time.
    I got through the surgery OK, pretty damned good actually at first, I recovered more quickly than most.
    Here is my suggestion to you, rest up well ahead of time, make sure they give you lots of pain meds, especially at first. And if you work, don't let ANYONE push you back before you are ready to go. I only got 4 weeks off and then had to return, I was not ready, but a deal's a deal and I had to get back before my relief went nuts. It was all downhill after that, and I haven't been the same since then. It is a huge surgery, and your initial recovery time should be six weeks, NO LESS. Put your foot down, and no matter how good you feel rest and then rest some more.
    Wish I could tell you more, but I am sure someone else will come along with some info for you too.
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    Please let me start by saying, I don't mean to scare you. My experience was like many other women. I wasn't diagnosed with FMS until just after my hyst. (I have been diagnosed with many other things since too, like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.) I now know that I had symptoms years prior to my hyst. Maybe the FMS contributed to the need for the surgery. Seems like so many chronic conditions (ESPECIALLY IN WOMEN) are worsened by or feed off of other illnesses. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy (July 18, 2002) and I am still trying to recover. Take your vitamins, get your rest and above all, make sure you have a great support team ahead of time. (A caring, nurturing husband, family and friends will make all the difference in your recovery.) I am allergic/ sensitive to many things such as food colorants (Some pain meds made me very sick and gave me bad rashes due to their colored coating).
    I can't tolerate alot of medications. And I am very severely allergic to the glue/adhesives on bandages and medical tapes. My Dr put steri- strips adhesives on my abdominal incision after removing my staples, within days I was in the ER hardly able to walk with 2 layers of my abdomin open and oozing. this set me back over two weeks in my healing due to the fact that I was very allergic to the tape strips and it caused great irritation, infection and opened my abdomin up. I also had many severe UTIs after surgery. Urinary infections can be common after a hyst, so get your fluids and listen to your body's aches and smptoms.
    I could go on, but I have given you the summary of what I went through. Hope I don't scare you, but rather inform you of things to watch for and talk with your Dr about. If only I had known all this, I could have been spared alot of pain and medications. If I can be of any support or assistance, please contact me. Oh, by the way I was 29 when I had my hyst, age plays a big role in recovery and complications too. Best of luck to you!!!!!