!!!!!!Surgery for CFS!!!!!!!!!

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    I don't know if this has been posted before but I was snooping around on the abcnews website yesterday and came across some articles in regards to CFS. A couple of the topics were about a medical operation to resolve CFS.

    Aparently, if you have an MRI done and it shows that there are abnormalities at the base of the skull, there is a good probability that this procedure can change your life! Please keep in mind this procedure is experimental.

    To check out the details, go to the abcnews website and type in "chronic fatigue" in their search engine. There are alot of different topics involving CFS so you'll probably be checking out alot of stuff!

    I hope some of the sufferers on this board will find this article helpful. I know I did!

    Peace out and God bless!


  2. TerriM

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    The abnormality you are speaking of is a Chiari Malfomation . . . it has to do with your brain stem extending into your spinal column I believe. Surgery may be applicable to those who have this, but I have read articles talking about this being radical and that most CFS patients do not have a Chiari Malformation. I've had an MRI and mine was completely normal. Getting an MRI is always a good idea because it can rule that out as well as other things like MS . . . hope this helps, Terri
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    All it did was Mess me up worse, set off a Flare from Hell, and the manage to Tear my Right Rotator Cuff while they were at it.

    It didn't help me, but then I don't have CFS, I have the Combo of FMS/CMP. I saw my Rhumotoligst today, and I asked her if I might have the CFS as well. She assured me that I didn't and she is Tops in her Field. She keeps up on what's happening in Research, and we always talk a little about New Artice's and Therory;s, (man I can not spell any more, never could really, but now I have trouble just looking up words and I forget by the time I get to the Correct letter what I'm looking for, lol).

    I have OA and FMS with the MPS, and that has a different kind of Fatigue, she say's that she is of the Opinion that CFS is caused by something Viral, but not the FMS.
    So many Theroy's, but one of them is Bound to be right.

    Thanks for bringing this Topic up, some have had the Surgery, and may have Better Result's,

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    I was diagnosed with FM over 3 years ago and had an MRI done on my brain to see what else might possibly be going on. I have a chiari, although small, I have not done anything as drastic as surgery, YET. My neuro referred me to a rheumo to assist me with my osteo arthritis and my FM. For the last 2 years we have changed meds so many times I have lost count. Recently my dr has me wearing a soft cervical collar to see if that helps. I go back to my neuro next month for a sleep study, physical therapy, and possible surgery to correct the chiari. I'm so tired to being tired, sore, and uncomfortable. I wish that all of those who question my condition could live inside my body for a week and see how it really feels to be this sick.

    Good Health and Love to all