Surgery for Friday Rescheduled - So I'ts over but Oh the Pain

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    Hi to all,
    I have been posting about the sever abdominal pain and vaginal pain I had and they had set me up for surgery Friday 9/1/05 to take a suture out but Wed. I went to see my regular gyno Dr. and she says no way is that causing this much pain

    So she schedules surgery for me on Thursday instead to look at the vaginal area remove the stitch if needed and did exploratory laparoscopy surgery.

    Well it turned out I had a ton of adhesions that they removed so had 4 incisions instead of the normal 2. I am still in alot of pain but am getting some better??

    I started to have some of the same pain again yesterday so hope it is just from where I am healing??

    They gave me a megadose shot of antibiotic before the surgery but no prescription after?? That has me a little worried as I had a staph infection last year that turned out to be me MRSA which for those who don't know it basically means it is resistant to most antibiotics. Mine came in the form of boils and was actually finally cleared up with cleocin but the ones you get from surery are usually alot harder to clear up and require IV antibiotics so I am praying that does not come back!!

    They used q-tips to swab my nose before surgery to see if I was still carrying it but the results did not come back before the surgery so they had to treat me as if I had it still.

    Well this is my first time up and I am getting too tired but just wanted to let you all know what has been happening as so many of you have been so supportive and I appreciate that!!!

    Hugs to all,
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