Surgery Monday And I am scared

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sarahann61, Nov 1, 2006.

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    It has been awhile since I have been here, and posted.. I do not deserve your prayers, but I sure do need them..................

    I am having a Total Lt. Knee Replacement, and I know what I am in for, I think........

    I know that I will have my leg up in a machine that will keep my knee bending back, and forth, continuously... The worst part will be laying on my aching back, that starts throbbing, if I lay on it.......

    I am scared of the pain meds since I winded up in the E.R. , the last time I tried a diff. med, than Darvocets..

    I do not think I will have a person to help me, at home.. Although my DH did take off long as needed.. He is not a good caregiver, but he does try, sometimes....

    And, I am wondering where is my faith... I know that God will take care of me, so who else do I need? Guess, I need more faith, at least as much as a mustard seed, to move this huge mountain...

    The knee has really gotten bad, and I need to get it done. Had the lab work done today, and am hoping that I have an infection, or something, where it will be postponed...................

    Sorry, that this post is so long, if you read it, Bless You, and thank you, for your prayers..... My prayers are with you all, we all have our crosses to bear... And mine are prob. very small in comparison............
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    Sounds pretty scarey to me. Lots of unknowns, to be dealt with.

    All I can say is will be prayed for.

    Dearest Jesus, thankyou for always being here for us. Please speak to Sara's heart and concerns.

    Guide her DRs. and Hubby and whomever she needs. Give them knowledge and understanding.

    Put her mind at ease with Your peace. Wrap her in Your loving arms and comfort her.

    And remind her that none of us deserve anything, it all comes to us by Your amazing love. It is a gift.

    Be with her through all of this. let her know she will never be alone, You are right beside her.

    I ask these things in Your Holy name and all faith. amen
  3. sarahann61

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    Your prayers must have helped, am feeling better about it today... The only thing that could happen, is that I will just get to Heaven, a little sooner.....

    Guess, it is the dying part, that scares me, and the pain.... But, we should all be Pro's, at bearing pain...

  4. Asatrump

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    There is not one among us who would not be scared facing what you are. And the waiting... is so hard. Heavenly Father I ask that you be with Sarah, that you hold her hand, calm her fear. I ask that her pain be controlled without problems. I ask that she be healed quickly. Dear God I ask that her husband learns to anticipate her needs and minister to her needs. Dear Lord, be with Sarah and make her realize that her problems are not small in comparison to anyone else.

    Monday would be November 6. Sarah, I will hold you in prayer on Monday. Please post after the surgery and let us know how you are doing. Also, if you like, put a prayer request in the Thursday night prayer group, and re enter it each week. We will all be praying for you. This time next week I hope you will be home, propped on many pillows.
  5. sarahann61

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    You all cannot possible know, how much you have helped me. I know by myself, I can do nothing, but through Christ, I can do anything.... But, I have let the fear of the unknown, get to me..

    My prayers are with, all of you , the ones requesting prayer, and the ones that didn't............

    Thank You All ,and may God Bless You , in a very special way..................

  6. bandwoman

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    I will certainly pray for you for peace a calm before and after your surgery. I can so relate as I had many of those same fears regarding pain meds before my neck surgery. God did so many amazing things for me during that time. I live alone so you can imagine the initial worry I had on who was going to take care of me etc. I can say that the Lord did miracles on my behalf and He is no respecter of persons. He will take care of you in all ways. If this is any consolation my mom had a knee replacement a few years ago and she did so well. I am praying that you will have the same result. Take care and I will be praying.

  7. Asatrump

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    I have a note on the piano with your name, they hymn: It Is Well With My Soul, and the date you are having your surgery on Monday.

    I am making a special promise to you that each day I will play this hymn in prayer for you. I will continue to do this until you post and say you are doing ok post op.

    I hope you got lots of information at the regular forum so know what to expect. I only had one major surgery 5 years ago. If I had it to do over, I would have sneaked in my own drugs as even getting something as simple as a stool softener was an enormous big deal.

    I won't utter stupid words like don't be scared. We would all be scared. Prayers for you Sarah.
  8. caffey

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    You are deserving of prayer. Thank you for reaching out. It must have been a hard thing for you do. God loves you so much and He has you in the palm of His hand. Nothing can harm you. One of the biggest lies we believe is that we aren't worthy or we are bothering people so that we will stay isolated. This is a time when you need the love,support, encouragement and prayers of those on this board. So take all you need. Father please come now and remove all fear from Sarah Ann right now. Please come and let her feel Your peace and Your presence in such a sweet gentle way.Please help her to know how much she is loved by You. Please go ahead of her and work out all the details for the surgery. Please let her see a picture of You standing there in the operating room watching over the surgery and at the same time holding her hand. Please help the surgeon. Please let the recovery go smoothly with no complications. Please also could You bring some help for her. People to help with meals, cleaning etc. I also ask could this also be a special time for her and hubby and special time of bonding and rediscovering each other. Please also take care of their finances as a result of the surgery. So Father I place her in Your hands and commit her to You and thank you for what You are going to do in this situation in Jesus Name Amen.
  9. sarahann61

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    The reason I said that, I didn't deserve your prayers is because, I haven't been coming here very often, to pray for the others ,req. prayer.. And, I still do not think I deserve, all that you have given me...

    I do not deserve anything from the Lord, but that is what is so great... He is there for me , anyways....

    I am still concerned and really do dread it all, but I am not as scared , now..... I have been a member of a church for about 40 yrs., and I still love them.. But, I have not been going because of the pastor... I need to find another church home, but have yet to do so, and it has been nearly 8 mths.

    The preacher basically said, " If you have health problems , I don't care, and don't want to hear about it".. He even said," SO What, Boo Hoo Hoo".. And there had been other comments before then.....

    So, I don't have a Church praying for me, that I know of. But, I feel as if I have had ,the whole world praying.
  10. Kayleen

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    May God be with you Monday as you have your surgery. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  11. sarahann61

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    Thanks so very much for your prayers, but am still needing them. Now ,I am suppose to be the hardest worker, a real 24 hr. job on my team, of recovery.......

    What happened to the good old days, when you layed in bed, and was taken care of. They expect me to raise my leg up, without any help from other muscles. I can do it with my rt., but they expect me to do it with my left.

    It just doesn't seem to hear me, cause it just lays there. I am walking fairly well with walker, and have got out of bed and chair by myself. MY DD is going home tom...

    I am getting PT at home, my DD ask that you pray for my DH.................
  12. lovethesun

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    There are a lot of caring pastors.when you find your new church confide in him about the other pastor's words.he may make you feel better about that.As I'm writing you've already had surgery,and I
    pray that you heal fast and well.Linda
  13. sarahann61

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    Thanks to all of you, I am now on my 12th day, after surgery... and doing well, I guess.........

    I am still having trouble sleeping, but that is really nothing new...... I can not sit for very long with leg down, but I am now on 85 degrees, on the CPM machine... When you sit, it is at 90 degrees................

    I can raise, and bend the leg on my own, and I thought, I was never going to be able.. The Physical Therapist thinks she will be DC'd Tues, when I see the Dr., to get the staples out, there are 29 of them......

    I will then go to outpatient therapy, in my hometown.. The PT is my SIL's, brother.... The pain is controlled with the Lortab, I was trying to just take one, but the 2 gets me as close to pain free as poss.

    My DH is a good PT , he keeps me moving, he is doing good keeping the house kind of neat, he cooks, he even does the laundry... He doesn't do patient care very well, but the Dr. expected me to care for self, anyways.. My DH has seen that there is no end to, housework, so guess he will appreciate me, a little more..

    Today, is our 45 th Wedding Anniversary, can't believe it has been that long, no wonder I feel so old.........

    I have sit too long, now... But, will say a prayer for everyone that that has asked for prayer... ALthough I haven't read them, God knows your needs, I pray they will be met..............

    With Love,
    Sarah Ann
  14. Asatrump

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    Praise that your surgery is over and recovery has begun. I did start a post that would be way down right now.... but it said to Sarah post op.

    We wanted you to know that we were thinking of you at the time you were facing the most difficult parts.

    Happy Anniversary, and speedy recovery. For this I pray.
  15. bandwoman

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    I Sarah. You probably don't know me but I have been praying for you every single day since I knew you were going to have the surgery. I was in particular praying about your pain meds as I remember you being very fearful of not being able to tolerate them. God has answered so many prayers for you. PTL. I am so glad your hubby is taking care of things around the house so well. Keep us posted. I will continue to pray.

  16. pepper

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    I have been praying for you too. I am so glad that all seems to be going as well as can be expected.

    Still praying for your recovery.