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    Has anyone ever had Ulna Nerve Surgery? On Monday the surgeon will repair and relocate my Ulna Nerve at the elbow. He said that he will have to cut thru muscle and that I will be in a cast for 4 - 6 weeks from underarm to fingers. I had a cast like that 7 years ago when I broke this elbow, it was quite uncomfortable.

    I am so nervous to be put to sleep. When I last had surgery I had temporary amnesia. I don't want this to happen again. I know that it probably will not, but can't help but worry that it may. Also, after my bad experience with my EMG test I feel very frightened of needles.

    If anyone has had this surgery please let me know if it was beneficial to you. I had a post about this surgery last week but I think I deleted it by accident. I have to much to handle right now: DD, building new house, daughter expecting baby in 10 weeks she is not feeling well, husband not feeling well, only son joined the Navy and lives in VA, my dreaded surgery on Monday, and the bills are pouring in just like the rain. I know it could be worst, but it could also be better. The fight with LTD insurance and Social Security, the red tape is just unreal. Thanks for taking time to read about my fustrations. Take care.
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    I haven't had that kind of surgery, but I have had several other surgeries. Really, the surgery itself will be the easiest part. You'll just go to sleep and when you wake up it will be over. What you really should do is try to calm down. It sounds like you have a lot of stress going on, and if you're like me, being upset makes your disease flare up. Just having surgery will do that, so don't make it worse by being upset. I'm learning that meditation and, if you're so inclined, prayer really help you find an inner peace, which is key to feeling better. Nothing sets my symptoms off like indulging in stress and anxiety. Trust your doctors and yourself, and just take things one step at a time.
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    I know you are afraid and have a lot to cope with right now.The fear for the surgery I for one can understand.I can tell you one thing and don't know if it will help any.Don't know when you had your last surgery but things are different now.I worried sick about waking up-the fear was horrible.Anyway they told me they use different medications now and I should have no problem.I will tell you I woke right up not feeling drugged or confused and was so releived.Do something for yourself too-what ever your fears or discomfort tell them.I found I got the help I needed when I spoke up and it made things a little easier.I know nothing of the type of surgery you are having.Hope everything goes well for you and remember you are not alone going through any of it. Lana56
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    It is easier to come through surgery when you are convinced that it will help you and that you will get through it just fine.

    They put something in your "cocktail" for anesthesia which produces amnesia so that your brain doesn't remember the surgery. This can sometimes cause you to not remember things leading up to the surgery. My surgery on my arm was delayed two hours and I was reading to pass the time. The nurses laughed and told me that I might have to reread those pages because of the amnesia drug. I can remember her telling me this, but she was right, I had to reread that part of the book.

    Nerves don't like to be messed with and they take a long time to heal. Sometimes they stay numb for quite a while so they can heal (the body's wisdom). Just lie back and let your body heal itself after the surgery and be sure they relieve your pain. Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers. Update us as soon as you can. After my surgery, I used my computer one handed. It's not too bad.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've had a C-section, tonscilectomy, dental surguries, gallbladder, and a ganglian cyst reomoved from my wrist. Trust me, the hardest part is the pre-surgery anxiety. You will sleep soundly and dreamlessly. It will be like closing your eyes and waking up a second later. When you wake, you will be on pain medication so you shouldn't be very uncomfortable.

    I hear ya about needles. I'm not to fond of them myself...and I get allergy shots twice a week! Still, IV's bug me. They are NEVER as bad as I think they're gonna be though. It seems like every time I get one, I work myself up, and after they've done it, I'm feeling embarassed for making a big deal about it! I do understand your reluctance though...because if I had to get one tomorrow, I'd dread it, silly as it may be!

    May I make a suggestion? I had a bad experience when I had my C-section...I woke up during the surgery but ONLY because they don't give pregnant women as much anesthesia so the baby isn't harmed. It never happened in any other surgery, BUT, I was scared out of my mind to get my next surgeries after that bad experience. Whenever I get someting done, they give me something called Midazolam to calm my nerves after they get the IV in. Oh my, does that stuff work! When I had my gallbladder surgery, I was so "happy" that I was making fun of the surgeon! Fortunately, the surgeon had a sense of humor! I went under all my surgeries laughing. That stuff is a lot of fun and it really does make those final minutes before going "under" much much much more bearable. I don't think it's possible to feel anxious while on that stuff! lol!

    The best of luck to you. I think I can fairly say I know how you feel. But in my experience, it's never nearly as bad as you think it's gonna be! You'll do fine and you'll feel so much better for doing this. I realize it may be hard to type when you get home, but after you recover, please let us know how you did!

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    Thanks to all of you for the replies. I will try my best to utilize all the given advice. I may need to read these post a few times over the weekend. I certainly do feel I have been given great advice. Thanks again and I will let you all know how my surgery goes. Take care.
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    I was given the choice when I needed to have my hand rebuilt a few years ago, and I really enjoyed being able to watch and chat with the surgeon. I still had to wear a cast for a long time, and there was a lot of discomfort afterward, but that was the fault of the idiot who originally misdiagnosed my fracture as a muscle strain. Had he done his job right, I would never have needed the surgery. Either way, the actual surgery will be a piece of cake. It's the nervousness before, and the recovery afterward that will get you down. You'll do fine! Just to be sure, an extra prayer will go out for you on Sunday night. OK? You might want to stock up on some better than average quality frozen dinners so you won't need to cook. You won't feel like it for at least a couple of weeks.
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    and I really understand what you are feeling. But, I am sure everything will turn out just fine, they did for me and all my fears amounted to nothing. The first surgery I had I called my doctor at home the night before and told him I was cancelling, I didn't need the surgery. Well, he spent about an hour talking with me on the phone and reassuring me that everything would be OK, and it was. The second surgery, they took me into the holding tank, and as I was laying there I decided to heck with this, I told the nurse to get the doctor because I was leaving. Well, she got the anethesiologist, next thing I knew I woke up after surgery!!

    I also have ulnar nerve entrapment in both of my arms. I have been told that further down the road I would probably be a candidate for this surgery. So, I will be curious to hear from you how your arms and elbows feel afterwards.

    I'll be watching for your posts after you recover enough to start keyboarding again. Lots of Luck and think good thoughts.

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    with other things...cause worrying is not going to help you.

    I hope things go well and yes it will not be easy, but in a few months it should all be over and it won't seem so bad.

    Hopefully they will give you good drugs and that will help you through. Maybe you could take something now for anxiety?

    I know you have a lot on your plate right now.

    One baby step at a time. You will get through this.

    Wishing you well on Monday.

    jen F

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    jackielacie, thanks for the compliment and all the information. It sounds great about the new cast. I will be certain not to remove it. I would be to afraid to take it off.

    Kathryn, thanks for the information. That may not be an option for me. Nervous as I am, it may be better this way. I was not given a choice.

    Dara, thanks. I will be sure to let everyone know the outcome of my surgery. Don't wait too long to have your surgery because you can get club fingers and lose the use of them if wait too long.

    Linda, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. It is very nice of you.

    Jen F, thanks, I too hope they will give me an Rx to help me thru the pain I will have after surgery. I am really not looking forward to this. I feel I have enough pain everyday. However, I am told that if I do not have this done I could lose the use of some of my fingers on my left hand.

    You are all so kind. I do truly appreciate the posts. Take care. Sincerely,