surgery recovery from fissure, IBS, constipation

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    A few weeks ago I posted a note about my upcoming fissure surgery. Today I had my first post-op visit & the doctor was very pleased with my healing. She OK'ed me to go back into water therapy (which I desperate need as my knees are hyperextending from inactivity -- 12xs in 3 weeks) & suggested that I didn't need to return for any follow-ups unless I felt a return of the symptoms. The fissure has healed nicely & will be completely healed in 6 months. The surgeon is a wonder & I would highly recommend the internal spinchterotomy surgery, I only wish she'd done it 6 months ago. The first week post-surgery was awful, but I am glad I finally chose to do the surgery.

    She recommended I stay on Zelnorm 2xs daily & keep the Miralax powder on hand just in case of any IBS problems & constipation swings that originally caused the fissure. (I was in the emergency room 2xs last fall with an impacted colon.) She also said I could stop using the nitrogylcerine cream I had used for 6 months without much to show for it.

    It was a long time - 10 months without a normal bowel movement. Now I feel so different. I go on a long driving trip this next week & it will be a real test of the medication & emotions & any IBS swings. Best thoughts to all suffering with similar problems.