surgery the start of fibromyalgia

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  1. clueless

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    How may people have had surgery be the start of fibromyalgia? I have noticed at different times people have said that a surgery caused a flare. Has surgery been the beginning of fibromyalgia for many of you? It hit me like a ton of bricks after back surgery. I never knew there could be such pain and it has not changed. in fact it has worsened. I would be interested to know if this happened to others. Thank you. Clueless
  2. LindaW

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    Dear clueless- My fm started a year after a cervical fusion. My life has never been the same Now in addition to not have very much motion in my neck I am in constant pain. I too would be interested in knowing of others onset of fm after surgery. hang in there. This board is a great support!
  3. bunehgr

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    I was injured at work and had 2 back surgeries followed by 2 cervical surgeries, With in a short period of time. allthought i know now that I had som symptoms for years. I got hit with a full blown flare up after the second back surgery which got progressivly worse untill I was diagnoised by my new pain mangement doc. I am doing better now but the surguries definatly had an effected on my FMS.
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  4. hope4

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    I started having symptoms 3 months after my hysterectomy. I continued to work, but colapsed 2 months later and it's been down hill from there. I'm still glad I had the hysterectomy, because I cannot imagine living with the pain of fibromyalgia and the pain I was going thru during my periods.
  5. pamelasng

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    Hi Clueless, I asked once if anyone had started getting symptoms of FM after a myelogram,as arachnoiditis can happen as a result and fibromyalgia can be a secondary condition to this, I had a myelogram in 1984 and the pain started to worsen not long after increasing over the years then in 1991 I had 3/4 and 4/5 discs in my neck grafted,well I dont know but the pain ect has increased dramaticaly over the years since 1984,my 1st daughter was born with fm in 86, the second with fm in 87, there is no history of anyone in our family ever having it so it was a result of either the accident to my neck in 83,the dye injected into my spine or both.Arachnoiditis can take up to 20 years to present many of its symptoms.I guess many would think it was the surgery because it came after the .myelogram I would still like to know how many had a myelogram before FM, I didnt get any replies when I asked. cya Pamelasng
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    I think i mentioned in another post, I had a hysterectomy, after that I never got well. I was fine before the surgery, avid jogger taught aerobics, worked 10-12 hours sometimes daily, super super mom the works. After that surgery, my whole life changed. Interesting huh?????? Reg
  7. tandy

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    I just know that in a five year period of time,I had 4 surgerys,and all the while I had worsening FM pain.I had so much going on with my health that I can't recall!!!It all just hit me like a ton of bricks!!I know for sure thou that it takes me way longer to heal/recouperate after having surgery. I HATE FM!!
    I guess I'm just as clueless!!
  8. SusanNH

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    Hi Clueless,
    Yes, yes, yes, yes....I had my tonsils out three years ago, when I turned 50 !!!!!! I had had very severe sore throats for a year and nothing helped so after much thought and consideration I decided to have them take out my tonsils. First of all, the trauma of having it done as an out patient was so awful and then the recouperation time at home was long and painful, well I had wished I had never had it done. Then the fun began, soon after the surgery, I began feeling not right, hard to find words to describe. I sat on my symptoms, not literally, for awhile. A co-worker and I were talking one day and she said you have the symptoms of fibromyalgia. So I called my doctor and the rest they say is history. I have some great days with fibro and some not so good days. The one thing that I resent is when I get sick with a cold or anything else for that matter, it attacks me more than anyone I know. I work in a school as a librarian so I am around sniffles, etc., all day. Sorry to have rambled on so.....thanks for taking the time to read my book.....:)
  9. musette

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    I have had many surgeries and had no lasting pain issues. Had carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery a little over two years ago and it sent me through the roof ever since. I woke up from anesthesia in pain and crying. I have never had that kind of reaction when in recovery. I hurt like the dickens. It has been that way ever since. My doctors here just look at me like I am crazy or something. They all agree I have fibro however just not that this is what caused it because it was a workers comp surgery and they don't want that on their shoulders. There is no doubt in my mind what started mine off. It is so frustrating and in fact I will be removed from work within the next couple weeks and for once I agree with them, I don't even want to fight the decision any more.

  10. clueless

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    You sound the same way I was after surgery. I also had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists and lower laminectomy on my back with no bad effects. Then the tail bone surgery---- I also came out of it in such pain, dehydrated, could`nt swallow my meds. They wanted me to go to the emergency room to get fluid and I could`nt get in the car, finally after a lot of maneuvering I made it into the car for a terrible painful ride on one hip to emergency. That was the end of my life as I knew it!!!! It seems that any assault on some peoples bodies at certain times leaves their bodies destroyed. I surely would like to know what it is!!!!!!!
  11. sassafras

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    The first of Feb. I had 4 teeth removed.I have now been in a complete flare up for 11 days.The first time I had symptoms of FMS was in 1978.I had 3 surg. in 6 months for polisistic overies. End result was hystorectomy. It took 17 yrs for Dx.This is my first visit to the message board.I am grateful I have found support.I agree surg.triggered my Fms.
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  12. cyberamy

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    mine started within days after my c-sec 5 mos ago. It thought I had the flu and it progressed from there. Luckily I was diagnosed pretty quickly although most doctors were trying to convince me I WAS depressed over and over. yeah rt!