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    Wish me luck...... having knee surgery in a couple weeks. Just orthoscopic , but wondering what its effect will be on the fibro....... have heard surgery makes it worse. Anyone care to comment?
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    Hello LadyDragon,

    I had scope knee surgery about 3 years ago. I would say the most important thing is to stay ahead of the additional pain. I had a fair amount of work done during my surgery. In my experience, the first 2-3 days were the worst...mostly because the pain got away from me...big time. As for my FM, it added to the symptoms and I did return to what I consider my baseline after about a month. It was worth the surgery for me. My knee kept locking and it had to be forced open...then I would suffer for a good three weeks with swelling and extra pain. All of that is gone :>)

    Take care, Jan
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    I had my left knee operated on, and it was 4 months before I could bend it again. I grow scar tissue at the drop of a hat, and this hinders recovery, I also have MPS and new scar tissue causes Trigger Points that caused more Pain, along with undx FMS.
    I spent 2 years in PT for 3 operations within 18 moths of each other, so it took a toll on me.
    I know that FMS is a sensitivity amplification syndrome, it makes other Pain worse, so if you can, do stay ahead of the Pain.

    Talk to your Doctor and ask about being on a doseage that will include enough to help get you through the First 5 day's, I find that after 5 days I can reduce the amount of Painkiller I'm taking without it being a problem. If you got pain and can get on top of it, that's half the battle.

    Good luck to you, let us know when and you'll have folks Praying for you or wishing you luck, either way, we will be pulling for you.


    BTW, does your Dr. know about your FMS? If not theres a Good print out of information for Surgeons at Dr. Devin Starlanyl's website. Just use your search engine and type her name in, it'll bring up lot's of likns for you. Also check out MPS, this is what complates my surgerys.
    Devin Starlanyl is the name and she's ahead of the game.
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