Surgical Procedures and Fibro

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    Hi everyone,

    I just had a successful brain surgery for an aneurysm 2 wks ago. While I was in ICU the pain from the fibro was a lot worse than the pain from the surgery. I couldn't get additional medication because they were not dealing with the fibro and only gave me the medicines that I take at home.

    The fibro seems to have gotten worse since the surgery and I have one more surgery to undergo in 4 weeks.

    I am concernd that these surgical procedures which are trauma to the body are going to exaerbate my fibro but I have to have these surgeries.

    Has anyone else undergone surgerical procedures and found a difference in their fibro?
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    YES, Sorry to say. i had a total Hysterectomy 3 months ago and since then i have been really sick, it has made all of my cfids/ Fibro symptoms way worse, and it did a number on my heart too, which is really scary.
    I even made sure i wasent given any of the anesthesia that we cant tolerate,my surgery was 5 hours long. so i guess that, the trauma of the surgery itself and they implanted a thing called a q pump for pain in my abdomen. they were only supposed to use 2 ports on the pelvic region for the q pump, well they decided to expierement and put a 3rd one in my upper abdomen,well my heart went nuts. the 3rd portr was just too close to my heart. after 2 days of misery i made them take the pain pump out. But the damage was already im back to square one, cant, work or do much of anything. and pain is pretty rough at this point. i had to get back on all of my original meds to try & get what little remission back i had.
    So unless surgery is Absolutely necessary, i would say do your Homework & know what your up against. But if trhey are a Must have, you may want to discuss anesthesia with them before hand, it may make a difference in the way you feel afterward. Good luck with your next one. Kat
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    I have found that I have often gotten worse after my surgeries but unfortunately you don't have elective surgeries...just try to take care of yourself and get a lot of rest.
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    Hi, Well done on successful surgery!

    The recovery period from any surgery is a horrible time, but with us fibro's is slower and exhausting!

    Distraction is a good way to try and help to cope with the pain but remember to move every 20 mins even if it is a little to help the body cope.

    I had three surgeries in one at the same time and it felt like it was like climbing a mountain to recover but I knew if I just kept small goals and worked at them every day.........
    and remember to pace it eventually will come together- look after you your mental and physical as well try to do something good for yourself everyday- a day with out a smile makes the night even harder!!!!

    Just remember you deserve goodness
    but goodness you have to work and wait for it!!

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  5. emah

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  6. charlenef

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    i was flaring for 2 months after my ablation i had done and like you said the fibro was worse than the proceedure yuck hang in there hugs charlene

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