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  1. Kathleen12

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    My husband works as a sales rep. and travels the whole south U.S. to visit his customers. He leaves on Mon. and usually returns on Fri. So anything that has to be done at home is done by me.

    We have 3 indoor/outdoor cats and a Sheltie and a 14 year old Cocker Spaniel who is 100% blind and 90% deaf. She also has severe diahrea.

    So here I am in the middle of one of the worst flares I can remember, but I still have to drive the 25 miles to get groceries and do the errands I have to do while i'm in town. It is almost impossible for me to get everything I need in spite of having my buggy filled. You all know what we have to go through to shop, stand in line, put the bags in our buggy, push the cart all the way out to our car, and unload the buggy!

    Any way, I get ALL that done and finally get home. So I grab as many bags as I can and unlock my house and guess what.....My little cocker has unleashed her bowels all over my floor and because she couldn't see it, she has also walked through it and tracked it all over the house! So what do ya do?

    I can't even sit down to rest a bit because now I have to get her into a room and clean the largest of the mess, then mop all the areas where she has tracked! Now I've got to get the groceries in and put away and clean the feet of the dog. So I finally get to sit down for a cup of coffee and rest a bit when my husband calls and insists on having another fight. No matter what I have just been through, he shows no mercy so I have to hang up on him.

    It is now 10:30pm and I can settle down a bit. My husband will be home tomorrow and I hope that I will be able to endure the next round.

    Sorry, I didn't mean for this to sound like a rant, but I guess that's what it turned out to be. I'm just always surpised at how much we can take!
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    Could you put doggy diapers on your dog? My cat had diarrhea one time from an intestinal parasite. But she did pretty good making it to close to the litter box.

    Sorry you and your husband are having problems. Seems to be the way for some who have these illnesses.

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    Wow, you have been doing so much taking care of your doggie, shopping, doing the things that need to be done. What a good sweet person you are. Your husband should appreciate all that you do. I do know how it is with a husband being gone all the time....mine is a fireman and he can be gone for days, weeks at a time.

    When mine is home he likes to drink with the boys and be gone sitting in a bar BSing. This drives me nuts...he is pretty much drunk most of his off time.....I wish that he gets overtime so he won't be home, because when he is we fight because of his drinking.

    I just dread his being home....It can take a toll on a person. I bet you can relate to that...
    You need to take care of you, too. I hope that you take some time for you, a massage, manicure, anything...that gives you some pleasure...

    Don't worry about ranting, we all need to do it sometime.
    This board is a good place to be in those moments.
    I think we can take an awful lot. ((((HUGS))))

  4. jenafuzzy

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    ah...there just isn't anything in the world quite like coming home to doogy doo all over the floor, is there?

    i am really feeling for you, kathleen! and i know that husbands can be a big pain sometimes. i just said a prayer for you so that hopefully there will be some peace and love in your home when the hubby arrives later on.

    take care,


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