Surprising juice detox with pneumonia

Discussion in 'Detoxification' started by grammy27, Oct 28, 2008.

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    WARNING - Don't read this if bathroom stuff grosses you out!!

    Somebody sent me a juice remedy that's for flus and colds since I've had pneumonia. I figured it probably wouldn't hurt and might help so have been making the juice every day. What really surprised me was, on the 3rd day, stuff starting coming out of me in the bathroom that looked like pictures on those colon detox sites. We are talking MAJOR DISGUSTING here!!! Smelled awful, too. I stopped using the juice after 3 days since that's what the remedy said to do, but my pneumonia symptoms got worse a couple days later, so now I'm doing it til my chest x-rays are totally clear. Actually I think I'll make it a weekly thing, I'd rather that yucky stuff didn't return in my guts.

    It's really gross, nasty, and disgusting, so if you don't do well with gross, nasty, and disgusting, then don't make the juice. OTOH, I eat pretty clean and don't tend to have tummy or gut problems, but apparently that didn't matter.

    I also could (can) feel the juice working in my chest, I think it's the garlic because there's a warming sensation. The warming feeling matched up exactly to where the gunk in my lungs was on the first x-ray and has diminished accordingly with x-rays. Now it's down to just a couple small spots...exactly where last Friday's x-rays showed there's still some pneumonia. Weird but hey, it kept me from having to take antibiotics which make me horribly sick, so I'll take it!

    Here's the juice recipe:

    1 grapefruit
    a few stalks of celery
    a couple cloves garlic
    1/2 a cucumber, peeled
    "a pinch" of cream of tartar

    (I didn't know what "a pinch" meant so I used 1/4 of a teaspoon)

    Peel the grapefruit with a peeler and leave the white stuff on it. Scrub the celery, cut off the ends, and leave any leaves on it. Peel the garlic (I didn't bother, isn't that the juicer's job?). Juice everything together and then stir in the cream of tartar.

    I used pink grapefruit but it still tasted pretty bad, lol. The garlic didn't bother, it just didn't taste good. I finally gave up and got some Granny Smith apples and started adding one of those. It's also a LOT better with some ice.

    The remedy said to sip it, ,not slam it. It probably takes me about 20 minutes to drink it. I use a shaker cup because the cream of tartar seems to want to settle at the bottom and you can see the juice separate a little, maybe that's because of the ice.

    Anyway, I thought this was worth posting, I had no idea my innards had that gunk in them!! Oh, and the juice helped my cough a LOT, by the 2nd day it was better. It seems like the juice has sort of dissolved all the crud, I haven't coughed up a lot of goopy stuff (thank goodness, that makes me all gaggy).

    If anybody else tries this, I'd be interested to know if they get similar results.

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    The juice alone sounds hard to swallow.
    I wonder if you might have had viral pneumonia - which is often not treated with antibiotics and has to clear on it's own anyway. In serious cases, they sometimes treat with anti-virals.
    BUT if it helped your cough, that is certainly worth it.

    Did you doctor prescribe antibiotics for you and you just chose not to take? Just curious.
    Bless you for sticking with it - LOL

    I'd never heard of it before.
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    i dont have a juicer..can i use this in a blender? If not what else could i use.