Survey: Anyone switched to generic Prilosec?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Cromwell, May 4, 2008.

  1. Cromwell

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    Just wondering if any one else has switched to generic omeprazole (Prilosec).

    I did and boy am I sorry. It was not very much cheaper as I buy my own, about $5 less for 24,so sure the pharms cannot make much from it either of scrips.

    The first day, I felt I had to take a second pill to control the acid. The second day, nothing would control it plus I got terrible stomach cramps and the burning was really bad in the throat area. Hunted around and found a real prilosec which helped calm things down, but I am still experiencing cramping and bloating. On the regular Prilosec I can get by often on half a pill when I am doing OK, this generic, even 2 x 20mg won't work. I was well before I took it.

    Now I don't want a pile of people coming on and saying use vinegar etc as nothing works for me except PPI's believe me(I am not big into pills) and I am in danger of having Barretts without this pill, plus I eat a very healthy diet etc. Prilosec made my life a lot easier for sure. What I am interested in is if there is something amiss with this generic. It is made in Israel BTW.

    I went on line and noticed that there are lots of complaints about it with people saying their acid came back, one child on it had his throat and ears buurned with acid returning on this new pill, they all got cramps/IBS and also for some an itchy rash.

    Wondered if anyone here is having issues except me?


  2. Cromwell

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    It is the GERD that gets me. I just got over coughing from the darn acid burning my lungs from being on that generic two days-never again. How can they get away with it? TX for the herbal.

    Wish more people would comment here.

  3. victoria

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    have a duodenal ulcer for which h. pylori doesn't show positive...

    I still take it rather regularly since I do drink coffee regularly in response to having to counteract effects of antihistamines, so am stuck until these headaches are gone (slowly, finally, they are remitting after increasing to 24/7, now that I'm on the phase 2 of the marshall protocol).

    I did switch to the generic, don't remember which chain I bought it at, but I did check and it said it was made in Israel. I'm not sure if that means all the ingredients were made there or what... I know often different parts are made in different countries.

    But I'm wondering if that couldn't also be true of the 'brand name' as they try to cut costs?

    all the best,

  4. Cromwell

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    costs very little less than the real deal plus if you hunt for bargains.

    I am worried people will have bad effects as I have. I did google on the web and there are a whole slew of folk who say it is not controlling the acid. It sure did not mine.