Survey: How Pain and Stress Affect Your Life

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    "I have received permission from ProHealth to post the following:"

    Hello! We are researchers at Colorado State University doing a survey research study about how financial stress and other stressors impact people’s experience of physical pain. The short, (~15-minute) survey will ask some questions about personality and stress, and there is also a financial planning exercise.

    If you would like to volunteer your time to participate, please click on the link below. We ask that you only complete the survey if you are currently experiencing physical pain. If you are not, you can always click on the link at a later point when you are experiencing pain. If you have any questions about this study, you may ask the researchers by replying to this thread. Also please feel free to let others know about the survey.

    Survey Link:

    Thank You.
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    Good luck with your survey!

    Just a little note: a 15 minute survey is probably not experienced as 'short' by most people dealing with ME CFS and FM that already have to be in pain to complete the survey. It will probably take them much longer then that if the time is estimated on how long a healthy person takes to complete it. Just taking a look at the opening text trying to comprehend that whilst in pain will probably take a good 15 minutes...

    To my experience it isn't stress and financial stress that is increasing the experience of pain, it is pain and other symptoms that come with the illness that is decreasing the ability to deal with financial and other kinds of stress.
    And it's the consequences of the illness that they get into financial stress because of losing jobs and income untill able to budget so well that they can cope with the little bit left. For those needing expensive medicine and treatments finding a way to cope within their budget will be even harder.

    Most of them wheren't in stress when they got ill but the situations brought on by this illness when you have to fight so hard for your rights when being so ill, when you can't even cope with daily necesitties doesn't quite help. And all the parties involved that deplete your small budget with skyrocketing bills for lawyers and lawsuits and docters and such doesn't quite help either. It isn't stress increasing the experience of pain, it's being overexhausted by having to jump so many hoops and go through so many processes whilst they should be in bed getting rest to recover that is increasing the pain. That's not a mental experience and that is not blaming others, it is physical if you ask me. And not because of mental stress but simply because of physical depletion of energy and overexhaustion.

    Once gain good luck with the research, hope it will help in finding solutions for those already ill, that now have to go through so much extra unnecesarry suffering because of all the red tape and lack of support to meet even their most basic needs.
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    Reading your briefing I would like to bring another point to your attention that might well determine the usefulness and accuracy of your research that you may or may not have already thought about.
    Since people are only allowed to do the survey when already in pain most probably there WILL be an increase in pain simple because of the time and energy they have to put in to complete the survey that is low already anyways. That doesn't mean the financial stress you put them in increased their pain, it just means that putting in physical energy and sitting up and holding a mouse and typing and whatever else is required puts extra strain on muscles etc and may well increase their pain.
    I sure hope that this is calculated in, in some way in the results, since else it would be very easy to make wrong assumptions and call them scientific proof based on those results though they do not actually show that but are caused by other factors not calculated in.

    Also this sentence caught my eye and might very well be standing in the way of unbiased research:
    Expecting to see an effect beforehand could possible make it very hard to do unbiased research. Wouldn't it be that researchers who try to proof themselves wrong to proof themselves right might have a bigger chance of doing research that is actually going to be accurate and of benefit to the people. I don't think that many who are effected by these illnesses -where there are so many questions and so few answers- will say that they are in control of their health. That doesn't mean they blame it on someone or something else, it simply means that they have no clue how to control it in such a way to recover because there are no answers yet and because each individual responds so very different to different treatments available. Having control over your mental state of mind is a different subject. Even though they effect eachother as well, and a positive attitude definitely helps to stay stable mentally it doesn't take away the illness nor decrease the pain or other physical symptoms no matter how positive the outlook is.

    I hope these remarks will be redundant and allready well thought about, else I hope they will be helpfull for securing a more accurate research.

    Thank you,

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