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  1. teawah

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    this is a predominately white illness.

    The reason I ask is this: When I go to the doc or talk to other people who have FM they seem to be all white people. I have yet to meet any black or latino people that have been dx'd with this dd. If you all don't mind would you help me out to see if it is true? I was wonderring if maybe this has any bearing on it.

    Could be that I am barking up the wrong tree but I have wonderred this for a long time. I would really appreciate your help. I have seen three docs that have said that none of the patients they see are any other than white.

    I am Scottish and English w/ a little speck of American Indian.

    Thanx bunches
  2. JLH

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    I am white and from Irish heritage. I think I have read somewhere that FM primarily affects caucasions for some unknown reason. I think I also read that it affects more females than males, and those in the age group of 20 - 40.
    Well, I've had the symptoms since grade school and I am now 52! Statistics will reveal whatever the person doing the report wants them to!
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    Who gets CFS?

    This question is complex and does not have a definitive answer. The CDC four-city surveillance study of CFS identified a population of patients that was 98% Caucasian and 85% female, with an average age at onset of 30 years. More than 80% had advanced education and one-third were from upper income families. However, these data included only patients who were under a physician's care. There is now evidence that CFS affects all racial and ethnic groups and both sexes. The Seattle study found that 59% of the CFS patients were women. Eighty-three percent were Caucasian, an underrepresentation, since over 90% of the patients in the study were white. CDC's San Francisco study found that CFS-like disease was most prevalent among women, among persons with household annual incomes of under $40,000, and among blacks, and was least common among Asians and whites. Adolescents can have CFS, but few studies of adolescents have been published. A recently published CDC study documented that adolescents 12 to 18 years of age had CFS significantly less frequently than adults and did not identify CFS in children under 12 years of age. CFS-like illness has been reported in children under 12 by some investigators, although the symptom pattern varies somewhat from that seen in adults and adolescents. The illness in adolescents has many of the same characteristics as it has in adults. However, it is particularly important that the unique problems of chronically ill adolescents (e.g., family social and health interactions, education, social interactions with peers) be considered as a part of their care. Appropriate dissemination of CFS information to patients, their families, and school authorities is also important. CDC and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are currently pursuing studies of CFS in children and adolescents.

    Since alot of us here have CFS as well I thought this might help


    Taken from HealingWell

  4. mapessd

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    I know two Afican Americans with Fibro .. This DD may be hitting more whites than any other race Who can figure
  5. Shirl

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    I, personally don't know a living soul that has either FM/CFS.

    But my cousin has several members of her church that are African American, and they have Fibro, and they are women in there forties.

    As for myself, I am German, Irish and French. My grandfather(who was French) and his two sons both had this illness, but at the time they were diagnosed with 'Fibrositis'. There was no treatment except for rubs and heat at that time.

    No one else in my family has had anything like this. My three children are fine, all three are adults now.

    I did read the same article that someone else posted (sorry Fibro fog can't remember who put the article up!).

    I noticed in the two years I have been here, that we also have a lot of members from UK (England) and Canada.

    I only know of two members that were African American on this board, I don't know about Hispanic's or Asian's.

    Shalom, Shirl

  6. dolsgirl

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    and 100% Irish. I don't know of the stats on that. It would be nice to know. Good question. dolsgirl
  7. dd

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    I am caucasian with Irish and Swedish heritage.
    Seems to be quite a few with Irish heritage???

  8. pam_d

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    ..probably more males have this than are represented in the statistics. Maybe it's the societal pressure that men be "stoic" and not reach out for help and support. Thank goodness for the safety of this board for them---and females---to get that support. I believe it is a female-dominated syndrome, but I suspect that more males have it than we ever hear about....

  9. EllenComstock

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    and Caucasian, too. I am about 90% German. I don't know of anyone else in my family who has FM, although I sometimes suspect my father (now deceased) may have had it. I remember him complaining about some of the same symptoms of FM, but was never diagnosed. Yes, I believe that there are probably more men with this than the statistics show. It does seem to be more Caucasians affected by FM than minorities.

  10. nct

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    and of Irish and German heritage for my CFS.
    I have a friend, white and female who has FM. But she is the only other person I know who has either of these.

  11. Ellie5748

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    Good question. I am of Irish, Swedish and, Indian decent. I think my mom had FM, but has never been dx. My brother has RSD, and it's strange because it has to do with the pain sensors in the brain also. Wonder what the connection might be?? Anyone? Have a gentle day.


  12. Mikie

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    I agree with a lot of the researchers who believe we have a genetic predisposition for CFS and/or FMS. This might explain why most seem to be white females.

    I also believe there are a whole host of immune system problems which are so close to FMS or CFS that they are diagnosed as such, but these illnesses may come from environmental problems or stresses which overwhelm the immune system in nonpredisposed people. This may help explain the minority males with our illnesses and any racial minorities. This might also help explain why some recover and some do not. This is just MHO.

    There was an article posted here a couple of years ago which identified a family of European descent from which researchers believed the genetic predisposition may have originated. Now, there may be more than one defective gene; most researchers believe there are several at least, so there may be other sources of predisposition.

    Love, Mikie
  13. 2BPainfree

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    I'm mostly Irish, with some english & German, tiny bit of Dutch.

    Susan B
  14. Debgene56

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    sweedish,irish and indian. My sister has fm to. And they believe my 21 year old daughter dose. I got my fm in my thirties, same with my sister. Love, Deb
  15. Mikie

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    This was from the annual CFIDS conference. Statistics from the Chicago area revealed that Latinos and African-Americans were more likely than Caucasians to have CFS. Interesting.

    Love, Mikie
  16. klutzo

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    In 10 plus years of running an FMS support group, and seeing hundreds of people come and go, I had only two blacks attend my group, and both were women. No Latinos or Asians ever attended. I also had only about 6 men in all those years, maybe because men are supposed to be too strong to need support, and won't ask for it for that reason.
  17. TerriM

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    I am caucasian (English/German Heritage) and have CFS . . . my best friend has Fibro and is African American. Here is a quote that is in the article that just came out today on the homepage of this site . . . I have also read that previously CFS was thought to affect caucasian, upwardly mobile professional women in their 30's and 40's but as time went on I believe they've found that data skewed by the fact that that group happened to seek medical treatment more often for economic or gender reasons, etc. Anyway, here is the quote from today's article on the AACFS Conference . . .

    "CFS was most prevalent at ages 40-49 years, mostly in women. Surprisingly, Latinos and Afro-Americans were much more likely to have CFS than Caucasians (at least in the Chicago metro area), and skilled workers were much more likely than professionals to fall ill. This is contrary to previous common opinion, of course. Jason found the prevalence of CFS to be 522 / 100,000 persons for women, and 291 / 100,000 for men."

    Hope this helps! Terri
  18. lmn

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    i am white and of 100% italian descent. i was diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs. ago at the age of 39. i have no relatives with FMS, nor do i know of any deceased relatives who had it. so far (thank goodness), it's just me.
  19. pinkquartz

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    probably mostly caucasian females in U.K..
    When i knew a self-help group here there were over 200 members, only 1 asian female and no other racial group.
    Personally i am white with Latvian, French and a bit english ancestors.
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  20. scottabir

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    I have only known three other caucasion women who have FM?CFS. I am English, German, Irish, French, with Indian decent.