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  1. Amyd

    Amyd New Member

    OK guys, lets list the 5 best things going on in our lives right now. We are great to listen to each other when we need advice or just an ear but lets add to it and name 5 GREAT things so that we can learn even more about one another!!!!
    It's harder than you think to name 5!!!!!!!
    My list:

    1)My daughter Madison (age 4).
    2)My husband Tim and the rest of my family
    3)We just bought a new house and although I'm too tired to do much decorating, I am very thankful for it.
    4)I am able to work full time as a teacher. I know many are not!
    5)I found this website and I can express my fears and worries to other people who have "been there, done that"!!!!

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  2. NanceZ

    NanceZ New Member

    1...sunshine and summer
    2...fruits fresh off the vines or bushes (strawberries, rasberries and soon, blueberries!) kids who keep me in life and livliness (sp?)
    4...feeling better the last few days
    5...friends and constant reminders that God is here with me
  3. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    You are lucky you all have five best things going for
    you. I can list maybe five good things but I can
    also list about 25 horrendous things in my life

    1. Wonderful supportive mother - who has
    battled cancer and now has so much anxiety
    I am worried sick about her.

    2. Wonderful supportive brother
    3. Wonderful supportive uncle4. wonderful supportive best friend
    5. neighbor's hot tub

    I am 41, single with no children and disabled
    since 27. Prior to that, I had serious back problems
    anyway. My biggest thing I ever wanted was kids.
    I have no kids, no husband. I have amyriad
    of health problems and have been bedridden
    the past 9 months. I have more health problems
    than I can keep up with. I wish I were never born.
    All life is full of is pain, pain, pain. I have a college
    education and cherish those memories. I think
    I died when all this happened. I am merely
    existing and it's not easy. Glad god is with
    you because he is certainly not doing a damn
    thing for me.

  4. Hippen

    Hippen New Member

    1. My daughter is the best part of my life also !!!!
    2. I am happy that I am feeling better over the years.
    3. I am happy that I am able to work.
    4. I am happy for the sunny weather.
    5. I am happy that I make a positive difference in peoples lives by trying to least I try to help...LOL.
    How is that? Hippen
  5. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    1) My wonderful husband and my family (which includes his).

    2) My wonderful doggies, including our canine 'niece' Rosie.

    3) Living on salt water. The smell of it, the sound of it. It's precious & never to be taken lightly. It's awesome! The view is to die for, with the water & the snow capped mountain tops! How lucky are we?

    4) Our boat is going into the water very shortly, today. Hasn't been in the water for two years & needed lots of work done to the engine & gas tank. We had to have the cooling system changed over to an internal system now that it's going to be on salt water.

    5) My sisters' health is finally on the upswing after 6 months almost mostly in the hospital, about a month out. She almost died several times. She's gonna make her dearly & am very greatful to have her.

  6. CdnGirl

    CdnGirl New Member

    We all tend to naturally focus on the negative aspects of our lives. Listing the 5 best things in your life is a great exercise to force us to focus on the positive.

    My list;

    1. My son (5) and daughter (3.5)
    2. Healthy kids & family
    3. a happy marriage with a supportive husband
    4. being able to work full time
    5. loyal friends

    I could actually think of a couple more so I guess that means it is a great day!
  7. tansy

    tansy New Member

    1) supportive and loving immediate family.
    2) my son, now an adult, whose turned out great in spite of everything.
    3) friends who accept me as I am.
    4) my city garden, a green haven.
    5) my photography and music.

    Actually I could list quite a few more.

    Amy thanks for posting this, it is important to remind ourselves of the good things in our lives, especially during our bad patches.


  8. fullarmor

    fullarmor New Member

    The five best things in my life are:

    1. Being a Christian, and my relationship with the Lord.
    2. My wonderful husband.
    3. My mom. She's an angel.
    4. My job as a case manager with the severely mentally ill.
    5. My guinea pig, Sugar. There's nothing better than a pet's unconditional love!

  9. suz41

    suz41 New Member


    This was a terrific idea, often we focus on the negative. I'm glad you thought of this Thanks I think it will brighten everyines day.

    Blessed and Happy for:

    1. Wonderful Husband of 20 years
    2. Two Happy, spirited girls 8 & 10.5
    3. A Job I can do, help others and have enough time off to
    spend with my family
    4. Watching the sunsets over the hills near my home.
    5. A home, food and security; many people don't have this.

    Thanks again!!
  10. yellowbird

    yellowbird New Member

    1. Quite supportive family who try their best

    2. Having a little extra money for fun

    3. Great, cheap apartment in a great location

    4. Art and writing practices are going well

    5. Made a new friend

  11. Kim

    Kim New Member

    1. My relationship with the Lord - nothing comes close to knowing He is always here for me.

    2. My job teaching

    3. My husband who married me "as I am"

    4. That I'm getting two pet kittens!!!!!!

    5. That we just bought a condo on a beautiful lake and got it for a great price and a low interest rate.

  12. MiahRoo

    MiahRoo New Member

    Wow I didn't think this would be so challanging for me.

    1.) My wonderful fiance who tries his very best to be 100% supportive of me in all ways.

    2.) My nephew who I am worried sick about. (I really wish I could adopt him. I just don't think his mother knows how to make the best decisions for him at this point in her life.) He's 3 and the light of my life.

    3.) My furry kids. 3 cats who own me and my fiance completely. They are so full of love, especially when I'm at my worst with being ill. They are also a constant source of entertainment.

    4.) The fact that my compassion never seems to die even when I'm feeling hopeless about my life. I always want to help others and I feel so very blessed to have that.

    5.) My mother. Even though she's certainly not perfect, she's tried very hard to support me. Right now she's even paying me to do small odd jobs for her because she's so busy with work. It keeps my self-esteem up to be able to bring in a little bit of money. Thanks Mom!
  13. Amyd

    Amyd New Member

    Just wanted to keep this going. It's nice to see such positive things!!!!
  14. billiegail

    billiegail New Member

    I believe that everyday is a wonderful day, but I do argue with myself about that once in a while.
    I'd have to say for me, these are the 5 wonderful things going on in my life right now...

    1. I am able to go to Jesus for forgiveness still and I am still sure I'll go to heaven to be with Him.

    2. I am a active member of the civil air patrol with my three teenage boys.

    3. I have great friends that keep me moving. We play tennis together, walk, swim, and all that great stuff.

    4. I have a wonderful husband that loves me, my kids love me and give me, next to No, trouble, my nieces are down from Michigan for a visit, and life is great.

    5. I have a swing on my front porch and I love to sit there and think, talk, and plan my life with my family and friends. That is the greatest of all... Having that swing!
  15. KCD

    KCD New Member

    as my kids say. ( Good idea )

    1. My Savior's unconditional love, mercy and grace.

    2. My family's unconditional love and support.

    3. Our new life in one of those small "Mayberry towns" (Andy Griffith) in a gorgeous part of Louisianna. We moved here from Dallas, and we are in Heaven! My kids can ride their bikes around the neighborhood without me worrying about them being abducted.

    4. This board has really helped me alot.

    5. The freedom we have to worship, free speech, democracy. Americans do not know how good we have it. Or we don't really slow down to think about it.

  16. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    1) this board
    2) my cat is doing okay at the moment and is nice company. I love him
    3) I don't feel as deathly ill as i did a few days ago
    4) the benzo withdrawal is easing A LITTLE
    5)I get free cable, so have channels to watch to try to take my mind off my problems

    wow, that was MUCH easier than I thought it would be, I even have a 6th and maybe more!

    6) lucky to have my internet for now.
    7) lucky to have healthy food to eat today
    8) my pain is tolerable at this time
    9) found an osteopath to try for my neck problem
    10)postal strike averted for now -- expecting cheque in the mail!!
    11) my disability benefits as a somewhat reliable source of income
    12) the temperature is tolerable, as opposed to 43 degrees C last month.

    Wow, I'm having a really tough time lately, yet I could probably come up with more things today...How bout that.


    jen F
  17. nogilroy

    nogilroy New Member

    1 is my husband of 25 years who will try any thing to make me get well . It is called Cutlers Clinics it is about diet,supplment and vitiems i will start at the end of aug.

    2is are daughter she is 24 and are son he is 22 how the years fly by they seen this first hand what this has done to me they are great kids

    3 is this board i have leard so much and if my husband could type he would also say thank you

    4 is for my yard all the trees fruits and veggies flowers and my fish pond

    5 is for my firends that i have who understand me and my brother and his wife and son who came last night and will stay a few days .

    this was a lot of fun to do i could list a lot more thanks Amy
    bye for now Norma
  18. Bkay

    Bkay New Member

    1. Being a Christian and loving the Lord.

    2. Blessed with a wonderful and supportive husband.

    3. For a wonderful and supportive son.

    4. Great friends,

    5. Getting my life back after being in pain for 5 years.
    Knowing that God does answer prayers.
  19. leecmc

    leecmc New Member

    1. My husband.(his love, support, and sense of humor!)

    2. My cats and dogs. They really help me through the
    rough times.

    3. My business. I own my own Preschool Music business. I
    feel very greatful that I am still able
    to work. The children's love and energy really helps to
    keep me moving. Each day is a blessing!

    4. My fiends! Such a great group of gals!

    5. Having a good support team of Dr.'s. I am lucky that I
    have a good group here in VA.

    This was such a great idea! I hope to see this on the board again! Sometimes I get so down and focused on what is wrong with me/FMS, that I begin to grow a mono brow. This post has made mine go away! Thanks!!!

    Lee Anne
  20. shar03

    shar03 New Member

    Thanks, just rading the replies to your post has made me feel better;
    1. just to be alive
    2. my wonderful supportative husband,JIm
    3. message boards for help and support
    4. my spoiled rotten car, Mickie
    5. able to get around, even when I am in so much pain, I walk like a duck
    thanks again