Surviving Dry, Itchy Winter Skin

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    We all know the feeling - we kick on the furnace for the winter and within days our skin starts screaming... loudly... for attention!

    It "screams" by getting dry and itchy, developing rough flaky patches, and just generally acting cranky! We have to DO something - we rush to buy the latest, greatest moisturizer - shell out the big bucks for whatever the magazines and TV or our next door neighbor says will WORK. Trouble is, it doesn't. We are still dry, we still itch, our skin seems to drink in the moisturizer insatiably. WHY?

    The answer is amazingly simple. Our skin cells die every single day. They stack up in little not-so-pretty layers. This is true of our faces, hands, body. Some of the cells do manage to flake and fall off but the vast majority like to stick together and hang around, causing problems. Think of it this way - even the best moisturizer in the world can't fix dead skin!

    The key to living with winter dry skin is regular exfoliation. You will need an exfoliating product (like a scrub or masque) gentle enough for your face, and another for the rest of you. You need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week and follow with an intensive moisturizer. (If your skin is normally oily, use an oil-free moisturizer. Even oily skin needs moisture - it just doesn't need oil.) You will see an immediate and dramatic improvement!!

    Here is a recipe for an at-home spa treatment you can make yourself easily that will instantly relieve dry, flaky skin! You'll need a jar with a lid to keep it in. Fill the jar half full of your choice of salt OR sugar. Now fill the jar up with your choice of almond oil, baby oil, olive oil, or another beneficial oil and stir before each use. (I enjoy using various aromatherapy oils for this). If desired, you can break open a few vitamin E capsules and mix into your scrub, and maybe a little aloe gel. Be creative!

    Put yourself in a warm (not hot) bath and use the scrub all over your body. Pay special attention to areas like heels, elbows, hands. Then relax and soak for a few minutes - the oils and salts will mix with your bath water and moisturize you everywhere. When you get out, just pat dry - do not rub. You probably won't even need to apply moisturizer after this bath! You'll just feel wonderful. If you do this exfoliating bath 2-3 times a week and moisturize all over daily, you should not suffer from winter dry skin!

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    Thanks for sharing that "recipe"! My skin thanks you too! My hands and feet feel like sandpaper. I will give this a try! K-Nick

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