surviving the holidays

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    I'n a new person with fibromyalgia. I have been told to GO slowly with the holiday rush. I thought I could handle it at Thanksgiving.. Boy was I surprised that I couldn't. I could barely move the 2 days after and I still went into work. I WILL NOT make that mistake with Christmas!!!!.. I've adjusted to using a cane for long walks ( across a field to pick out a christmas tree and for an evening stroll thru the MYSTIC SEAPORT MUSEUM IN MYSTIC CT.) I called out of work for the first time in a year .. I needed the xtra rest and to hell with the office. I now make my husband help with the grocery shopping ( it was actually good- he got to see how the prices have realy gone up). I'm going to order books on FM.. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's strange how new symptoms appear. My hands are taking a hit now with both joint pain and skin tenderness. Well I hope everyone has a great holiday.. WE ALL DESERVE IT!.. BARBARA
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    Sorry you have joined this "group", but welcome anyway

    So tips:

    Learn to say "no"

    Lay down several times a day, even if you aren't sore or tired

    The heating pad is your friend

    Prompt your family and friends ahead of time

    The heating pad is your friend

    Try to get good nights sleep. Go to bed by 10 every night and sleep in as much as you can

    The heating pad is your friend

    Take care and have a Happy Holiday
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    Hi Barbara,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having to deal with this pain during the holidays. It's good that you've been diagnosed and have a doctor that you are working well with. That is very, very important. Be sure to always listen to your body. My boss always tell me, "the work will be there tomorrow". Thank God for him. He's right, you can only push it so far.

    You're doing the right thing by letting your husband help. It's takes time to get used to asking for help for most of us... Once you realize you aren't super woman, it becomes easier. I had a few years of denial before asking for help.

    These boards have been a blessing to me. I was scared and angry when I was first diagnosed with FM - November of this year. I was dx'd with CFS in '04 and that was also hard... These boards really help me. I get information, compassion and a good feeling all over when I can share my story to help others.

    Enjoy the holidays!!!