"""SusanEU""""" fellow housebound canuk here

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    Hello Susan,

    I was just reading your post on the "Housebound" thread
    and just wanted to say Hi.....I too suffer from Panic/Anxiety attacts and have CFIDS/FMS and tons of tag alongs.

    I see that your in the Niagara Region, my parents live in Oakville, and I am very found of your area. I'm from Montreal, Quebec but managed to go down to visit my parents as often as I can. I love to spend as much time as I can in Niagara on the Lake whenever in the Niagara area.

    I'm divorced and have 3 teenagers, my oldest being a daughter 18, two boys 16 & 14. I understand being housebound by this DD and mostly by the panic/anxiety. Have had it most of my life. The CFIDS/FMS for past 13 yrs.

    Yes it is very isolating and lonely. Only another person in the same situation would and could understand. I have lost all that I thought were my friends and now only have the kids and this board and friends that I have made on the internet through support groups. I have managed to make some good friends and we exchange phone numbers and chat on the phone now, and exchange family pictures and such. But the problem is most are so far and not even in Canada.

    Which makes visits almost impossible. I have been looking for people closer to my living situation in order to form closer friendships. Since I no longer have anything keeping me in Montreal and have no family left here I have been contemplating relocating to Ontario. I think it would be best for the kids and myself.

    If you would like to correspond outside the board I would be very happy to exchange emails. Solaris_Starr@hotmail.com

    thanks for letting me yap! LOL

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    It is nice to hear from you. I actually live east of Toronto.

    I have just been diagnosed so I am having a hard time dealing with the whole thing emotionally more so than physically right now.

    And my family doctor is all the way in Toronto, so that is difficult - especially when you can barely get out of the house!

    Anyway, I will email you offlist.

    Take Care,