Suspect sugar problems -what is normal range?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Misdiagnosed, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi People

    Am suspecting some kind of sugar problem although tests for diabetes came back negative a year ago.

    I went for a walk the other week and barely got into the house - had to race to the toitlet and then quickly eat something sweet - had dried apricots and nuts then felt better. Thought this might mean something was wrong with blood sugar levels. Went to the chemist and bought a glucose monitor. Prepared lunch and then tested myself about 2 hours later and got a reading of 8.5.

    Tested myself yesterday (about 10 days later) at the same time, approx. 2 hours after lunch, and my reading was 4.4. In the last week I've been trying to follow the Barry Sears diet and eat less sugar. I noticed I was feeling very tired before I did the second test.

    What does this mean? What's the normal range for glucose levels? Can you have a situation where the levels go up and down? If so what's the problem?

    Any advice welcome
  2. teach6

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    There are diabetics on this board, but the numbers you mentioned do not correspond with the numbers on any glucometer I've seen. Did it come with instructions? I look for my readings to be below 140 and preferably 120 two hours post-meal. As you can see that is nowhere the numbers you mentioned.

  3. amilyne

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    well as the other person before me wrote(sorry name) i dont understand those #'s not a diabetic but i am a nursing assistant and normal range is around 100 give or take some...i have done my own for fun at times while working and mine are always about 110. im not sure if there are other ways of testng but if yur test strip isnt programmed into the machine with the right # possibly it could mess it up..well hope that at work now and i asked some nurses about this and they said theyve never seen a glucose monitor read in decimals and if that were a true reading you would be dead..sorry...well good luck.
  4. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi Amyline

    I live in Australia and our system is decimal.
    So my reading is 4,4mmol/L whatever that is:)

    On the test strips container it has the equivalent of 80 in empirical measure. So my readings were roughly 160 then the 2nd time 85 in your system.

    I'll have to get my doctor to check it out.

  5. amilyne

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    ok i had thought about that after i wrote that you could be in another country and the numbers be different...if one time the american number was 160 and then fluctuated to around 80 then you could have a problem..i dont think that blood sugars are supposed to change that dramatically. well i hope that you find out...good luck