Sustained by the prayers of the Righteous.

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    Those of you who know me well, know that I have a rich prayer life. There are many that are on my eternal prayer roll. Rose has to be at the top. I don't want to embarrass her (so I'll put my teeth in when I say this HA!) but when this dynamic sister hit this town I took her by storm!

    A fledgling mormon (me) this giant of a schlor and her husband, took me by the hand and led me on one gigantic magical tour. Rose was my guide, leader, you name it...she took me to the temple for the first time. Her and her hubby had served a mission working in the Temple and I was a scared shakey "little" sister; what a big sister I had found! Her and her husband are "full" of wisdom, borne of a baptising in the fires of life! I could go on for some time but am deeply touched as I read my request for prayer from last week and she told me, which I did not know, she had called Houston and put me on the temple roll. Rose....I cannot thank you enough. You know how important this is for me as no one else!

    Anyway. I just had to say thank you to Rose and all the others here that have prayed for me and my family. Your work is appreciated...and while I am mentioning names I must mention SoulWriter.

    She made a "prayer" pillow for William...a little while back. It is really neat and is in flags as he was born on flag day. I can be a really dense one but Gail wrote me and reminded me that the pillow she had sent Will was a Prayer Pillow! It just then dawned on me what that little pillow was all about. Gail, thank you so much and what comfort he takes in that pillow. All he needs to do is "hug" that pillow and he is reminded that the Savior is right there via prayer. Thank you so very much.

    You all will be in our prayers this evening. Thank you so very much for sustaining us. Lil'