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  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Hi just wondering how your holding up?

    Also .......on your profile...are you sure that you don't want to change the info.....right now Iam not sure that we all feel that Mr husband is all that supportive and helpful

    LOL I know this is really "NOT" funny at all but Iam just trying to make you chuckle here :)

    I hope your doing ok and that dd is not flaring!

    Let me know how your doing k? ;)

  2. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    And I went in and updated it...
    Ironic that in my profile I wrote about his support..when I joined..he was supportive!

    I am doing ok..I have had so much success putting each piece of this puzzle together. Yesterday I went to my doc..and arranged to have 2 months of meds so I don't have to rush to go see a doctor when I move. I got the meds for the dog too!

    I have lists going of what I have to to pack what..what I want to take..and on and on...I am still trying to be ruthless about my 'stuff'..all the things I have collected..It is hard to just leave it here..and yet what the heck would I do with it all???I cannot imagine that my own home is going to be possible for a long I am trying not to drag too much STUFF with me!

    The FM has calmed down a bit as I have calmed is still pretty nasty at times...but it isn't stopping me. Which is good because I have things I have to do..the last thing I need right now is to be so sick I can't get out of a chair! And I have been there and done that with FM.

    So..all in all, I am ok. If I let my mind go there..I am so sad...but mostly I don't go there..I can't afford that emotion right now.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me Doxy!

  3. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    Hope you and Doxy don't mind me butting in.

    If possible, take what you have collected over the years. Get a small storage unit if necessary or ask a friend if you can store it in their basement or corner of the garage.

    The reason I suggest this is, first of all, what is he going to do with it? And second, you could sell it on Ebay or have a yard sale or something. Use the money to buy something new for your new life!

    Change is hard but change can be good. I wish I had the fortitude you are showing in the face of change. You are an inspiration of strength and common sense.


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