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    Hi Suz

    I was reading your post and thought I would write to you.....I know how hard this entire process is for you...I can hear it in your post.......you also said something to the effect that you hope we are still "with you" and I just wanted to take a moment of my life to let you know that you are as always in my thoughts and prayers........

    I have been very sick lately.....so haven't been on the board as much as I like to....but I always think of you and hope you are doing well..........

    You are strong and I know you will be ok......he is a "proud" man and isn't going to show his pain much of at all.......at least right now......but I guarantee you this is not easy for him rather he hides it from you or not!

    Keep up the good work...you really are doing a great job.....and I see happy days in your future ...don't know for sure but always have had that feeling with you ;)

    Iam here for you and I care...just wanted to let you know!!!!!!!!!

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    I felt a hug from you reading this post.
    I know you have been going thru such difficult times as well..and it was so kind of you to reach out to me and let me know you care.

    It is the amazing thing about a board like this...you find that no matter how alone you may be feeling...there is someone out there in the world that was thinking about you..all you have to do is sit down and type and be real about your feelings..and someone will connect with you, and offer you their support.

    This is a tough journey I am on. The days are full of FM..and many emotions...some of them are good ones again which is wonderful. You don't realize how a much a simple good thing..just a laugh..or my dog doing something cute..or a hug from one of my sons...that THOSE are the things that make life good. When you feel that life has been taken from you in some way..from an illness, or from a relationship...it is easy to get stuck in the mud..and not allow that joy to be felt. But , when it does touch you...it is also easy to realize that there are still many good things in your life..and in the world..and as long as you are on this planet, you CAN enjoy them!

    I hope that you find some joy today...and that for a time at least , you can forget about the problems you are dealing with. Your note helped me do that today..
    Thanks so much for thinking of me..it was one of those days..that I really needed it!


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