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  1. mjgkennedy

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    Hi Suzbee, I will pray for you and your husband. It must be a terrible stress for you to have to go through.

    God Bless,
  2. suzbee

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    We have been out of town a couple of days, and I just saw your message. It has definitely been a long row to hoe. He is doing much better, but still doing a few weird things.

    Today he went to the local flea market by himself to sell some items, and came home with this awful, AWFUL painting of roosters and chickens (of all things) that he paid $100 for! The only reason I didn't raise a worse fuss than I did is that the frame itself must be worth $80.

    Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate it so much.

  3. danny3861

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    just read your post, and I will certainly put both on my prayer list and may you both be blessed many times over.

  4. danny3861

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    Can Iget your website.You can look under my profile.
    I would love see your pics.