suzbee's moving day :-) A testimony

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    Hi, you all,

    A note to let you know all is well. The local moving man arrived Monday morning at 7:30 and he directed his amazing 4-man crew like a well-oiled machine. They never used one dolly, except a special one to hoist up the piano. They treated our piano and antique furniture as though they were their own. (They have a reputation for that.) Those boys belong in the Olympics! In 2.5 hours, all the big pieces were loaded, moved, and put in place in the other house.

    Last week, while we were cleaning the utility room in the rental house, we noticed that the hot water heater had a leak where the pipe was attached at the top of the tank, plus the bottom of the tank looked about rusted through. And there was water on the floor. We called the rental agent,
    and she was going to try to have someone out to fix it before we moved the appliances in. Well, nobody came, and nobody came. We were starting to sweat it, but we didn't say anything.

    Monday morning, a plumber showed up at the rental house, who just happened to be the same plumber we use at our old house! The rental agent had called him as an alternate to her usual contractor, who was out of town. I didn't say
    anything to him but "good morning." He took one look at that water heater and said, "I'm putting in a new one. This one's gone. [The rental agent]'s not gonna like it, but it needs it." He was out of there like a shot. And he had that thing changed out within two hours. Amazing! A new hot water
    heater! Praise God!

    Then, Sunday when we unplugged our old refrigerator to make it ready to move, we realized it had a major problem, and my mom convinced us to leave it, and buy another one. So while I was directing traffic with the moving guys, without my knowing it, my husband went to the local (small-town) furniture/appliance store to see about a refrigerator.

    I don't know how to make a long story short here, but the owner of the store recently lost his wife to cancer. I used to play the piano and sing at the church where they went, and his wife loved the way I sang. She insisted that when her time came, I must sing at her funeral. Of course, I always agreed, never expecting it to come so soon, but it was this past spring. So I sang. :) Anyway, the gentleman sold my husband a $700 refrigerator for $460. And it arrived within two hours, all set up. Nice fridge, too! Praise God again!

    We went to the plumbing store to buy new hoses for our washing machine. I mentioned I was looking for a little rubber sink stopper for the bathroom sink at the rental house because the whole metal draw stopper was gone. The store owner dug around and found one and threw it in the bag -- gave it to me. :)

    The phone company came and turned on the phone Monday morning. There was only one phone in the house at the time, plugged into the kitchen jack. It worked in the morning, but by the afternoon, all I got was static and no dial tone. So I called to put in a repair request. The repair man was there within an hour (LOL!), and when he checked the lines
    (there are 4 jacks in the house), he discovered the kitchen line was bad.

    The other lines are fine. (I could hear him out behind the house, just whistling and puttering ... I got tickled.) We can do without a phone wire in the kitchen for a while (save $$). We'll just put our wireless extension phone in there.

    All my blessings coming due in one day! LOL!!!

    What a testimony to the fact that God DOES answer prayer. Thank you again, prayer warriors for remembering us. God bless you all.

    (Now I'm going to go sleep for a week! I wish ... LOL)
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    when God seems to running the show? Take care..
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    I join you in praising God for all His blessings. You were certainly blessed by His holy intervention. Praise Him, Praise Him.