SV40 and heavy metal poisioning

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    Could someone please tell me the best way to get tested for both SV40 and heavy metal poisioning? Is there any other way than to go to the dr?
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    I am currently on chelation for mercury and other heavy metals.

    You may wish to google Andrew Cutler's protocol. He suggests having a hair elements test done and then joining the yahoo chelation group - they will be able to help you analyse the results. You can order the test yourself from Direct labs. They follow counting rules to see if you have mercury posining - accuracy can be a problem with most tests. He also haas a book called Amalgam illness which is well wroth reading.

    Be careful of things such as DMSA tests where they give you high doses etc.
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    I'm an artist and use to work in ceramics. Mainly, large scaled tile murals where I had to shape each piece on a wet-saw by hand -- some pieces as small as an English Pea. I had to hold them with my fingertips and couldn't wear any gloves. I only wore protective eyewear.

    I was referred to the Mayo Clinic for diagnosis once my hair and eyelashes began to fall out. They did not run any specific tests on me but diagnosed me per the exposure and the effects they had on my overall health.

    The type of psoriasis I have now is initiated by puncture wounds. I sustained 100s of tiny ones while working the tile pieces. Some glazes are produced from heavy metals fired at high temps. So I had at least half a dozen different ones embedded under my skin, some bone deep. Chelation was never considered in my case and I'm not sure why not except to say that the microscopic-sized pieces are under my skin permanently. I also breathed the particles into my lungs.

    My own research leads me to believe that unless the amounts of heavy metals are quite great, that it's next to impossible to test for them. They diagnose via symptoms more than anything.

    Here's another aspect of heavy metal poisoning to consider. They are stored in fat cells. If you lose weight, these metals are released into the system and often cause degradation to one's health. I've learned for every 5# that I lose, I'll have a few months where my hair will fall out, sometimes my eyelashes, too.

    It's complicated to address and make better.

    I'll send good thoughts and prayers for your journey.

    Peace and Gentle Hugs,
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    I personally think it would be a good idea for anybody in our modern day and age, regardless of whether one has overt signs of heavy metal or chemical toxicity, to attempt to detoxify as much of it as possible.

    I'm a big believer in clay foot baths as an ideal way to work on some of these toxicities in our bodies. I did a post recently which can be accessed by clicking <a href="">here</a> which will provide additional information.

    Regards, Wayne
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