Swallowing a ton of $$ every day!

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    Every day I take 5 amino acid pills, 1 women's reproductive health pill, 2 evening primrose oil pills, 2 bromelain, 8 kelp tablets, 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds, 1 tablespoon of almonds, 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds, 1 protonix, 3 ultram, and 1/4 tsp. each of two glyconutritional supplements. In addition, I eat no wheat, so all my breads and cereals cost more than twice as much as everyone else's. All this money, and though I feel better in some ways (less brain fog - due to the wheat - and fewer peripheral symptoms), I have more pain than before I started this regimen! Ugh! Why is my pain increasing? I feel like I'm wasting a fortune, but I'm reluctant to give up any of this. And I read on this board about all sorts of other things people are taking - it gets overwhelming! Does any of it REALLY help?

    Oh, I forgot, I also take 1/2 tsp of sea salt every day, too![This Message was Edited on 09/21/2003]
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    in my case, the answer has been "no". In my 10 years with CFS I have tried many many diets and supplements, and with the exception of some Chinese herbs at one point in time, none of them has really made a difference. My approach now is to take a multivitamin and to try the occasional thing like Olive Leaf Extract (had no effect... surprise), but otherwise to try and spend money on things that give me pleasure rather than on the quest to get well, which in and of itself can be exhausting.

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    I feel the same way a lot. My pain has been slightly worse over time, and i've been taking the same supplements. I take about 15 pills every morning. I also spend time wondering how much is really even getting digested and how much is getting excreted. A client of mine once said that Americans have the most expensive urine in the world. Hahaha! I have found that my diet and exercise regimen are the only things that really make a difference. If i eat a lot of junk i hurt; if i skip a few days of my 20 minute walk, i hurt. One supplement that i find truly helpful and i feel it if i miss it for a few days is my malic acid/magnesium complex. It really helps with my leg pain. Maybe you can try adding that to your regimen. I hope this helps. good luck!
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    I take about 25 pills, three times a day, plus my prescription meds. In the beginning,they did a world of good, I went from being practically bed ridden to leading an active life again, but over the past year, things have not been so good, the fatigue is the worst part, then stomach problems, hot flashes, etc. Nothing that I take seems to help. I suspect that the CFS & being Hypothyroid, & menapausal is an insurmountable obstacle!

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    I would have started on several supplements 2 months ago if I could have afforded them. But other things kept coming up. Now I'm determined to buy at least 2 next month but I've had to limit what I can try as there are so many suggestions and not enough money to even think about all of them. And our co-pay is so high that even a couple new Rx's I hope to get from my dr. tomorrow is going to be rough. But I have to at least try, treat one thing at a time maybe.

    I'm not going to be able to eat wheat anymore either, even when I can add some carbs. I'm not about to pay $4 for a loaf of bread. I have wheat free recipes downloaded and I've located a number of other flours. It's also going to be expensive - but the large Brookshire's I discovered in Lufkin has larger bags at cheaper prices than the health food stores. Have you tried the Flax-o-Meal hot cereal? I'm still looking for that. I hate to add shipping charges by ordering over the internet. How do you take your flax? I finally found bulk almonds, but I sure hope there are an awful lot of them in a pound! There are some things I'm glad I have an excuse to buy now! I'm sure I could eat almonds all day long!!

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    I do take 12 prescriptions and it does take a ton of money to buy them. Somedays I wonder if they're really doing any good, but a little over a week ago, I inadvertently did not take one of them (morphine) and I hurt sooooooo bad that I thought I was going to die. So when I question why I am taking these, I know that while they don't cure me and I still suffer with a great deal of pain, etc., I would be much worse off without them. They have all been added one at a time to treat symptoms of this DD and when I can get off one I do, but now I just try to be grateful that I have access and the money (no matter how hard it is) to get them.

    Maybe try taking one or more out of the mix and see how you feel. You can always put them back in and you may find a dose of gratitude if you realize they actually are doing something.

    Good luck with this,
    Gentle bouncy hugs,
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    I read your post and I can appreciate everything you have said. You mentioned the pain increasing, I can only speak for myself but if I skip the malic acid 600mg and magnesium the pain is really bad. I also supplement with CoQ10 for energy and B vitamins. Are you having difficulty with sleep? Restorative sleep seems to be a key role in the muscle pain, Perhaps your doctor would recommend something for at night. I'm not exactly sure of evrything I take working, however I do know that certain things I have to take or I start to feel worse. Hopefully if we all put our notes together you will find something that really works for you. Keep posted Soft Hugs,

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    the only thing that keeps me taking supplements is that knowledge that sometimes it takes a long time for things to 'build up' to the point of helping the body repair itself.

    Even at that, I find myself going for short periods of time where I take the bare minimum. I'm ok for a while, but when I go back on everything, I have to admit I do feel better.

    And I do know that taking supplements have had obvious effects on certain things like pain from bone spurs, endo pain, etc.

    Sometimes I think it's hard to really 'know' whether somethings helping or not since it may be long range effects we're really looking for.

  9. IgotYou

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    For jadibeler:

    Just read your bio - you sound like a very interesting person! Anyway, I grind up the flax seeds in my coffee grinder (makes the coffee taste kind of nutty afterward!) and sprinkle it on my food. It goes fine on just about anything that is hot - steamed vegetables, potatoes, or anything with sauce. I also put it in my corn flakes!

    For everyone else:

    I probably would have already given up on some of this stuff, but I trust my naturopath that it will eventually help. And come to think of it, I have had more energy lately. But no, I'm not sleeping well. I wake up throughout the night, and in the morning don't feel as if I've really slept at all. I guess that means another pill to add to my daily count ...
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    Thanks. That sounds pretty good. Guess I'll have to buy a coffee grinder. I sure need fiber, that's for sure. I'll just have to make a little cheat on my no-carb diet! Between that and candida diet, there's not much I can eat and I don't think any of it has much fiber. You can only eat so many Brussel Sprouts.

    You seem to like a lot of the same things I do - except that TV show. . .

  11. DesertSongDog

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    I started taking Pregnenolone, CoQ10, Omega 3 Fish oil, Malic Acid/Magnesium/MSM. I only missed one dose when I didn't eat a meal. I probably don't take the full amount recommended because I have a hard time swallowing pills (especially such large ones) and I am gagging by the time I get to the last.

    I hadn't noticed any difference until just now, the weirdest thing happened ... I just noticed my pain was gone! It went away almost instantly. I woke up this morning stiff and sore, hadn't slept well again. My hands, hips, knees and feet hurt and my fingers were swollen as usual. My intestines started acting up, and on the last trip to the bathroom I realized nothing else hurt and the swelling in my fingers have gone down. I also feel a lot less foggy, although I have a very slight headache.

    Although I have noticed that when I feel nauseaus or crampy I do seem to hurt less in other areas but I have never had pain disappear rapidly like that. If this was due to the supplements then I'll definitely keep using them. I suppose it could just be one of those weird FM phenomena but I have never had the pain go away that quickly.