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  1. SPR30

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    Do any of you feel like you suddenly choke up when trying to eat? I chew well and try to be careful, taking small bites, but I am choking and having like spasms when I swallow. It is happening at least a few times a week. Luckily I haven't choked, nothing has become lodged in my throat.
    Is this just another "spasm" caused by FMS, or Stiffman's????
  2. Cromwell

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    all the time I hate it. I cannot take pills either unless they are very small, or I can crush them.

    I find eating things with bread makes it easier to swallow. I often have to take things from my mouth rather than attempt to swallow.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    Swallowing difficulty 07/12/06 06:01 PM

    I have been experiencing problems swallowing since October. I was diagonosed with FMS and RA back in June 2004. Most recently I was diagonosed with GURD or Acid Reflux.

    I feel like my muscles in my throat are not working anymore. The food feels like it goes right below where your adams apple would be and gets stuck. It is very scary. It is sometimes hard to burp, I feel it right there but it won't come out.

    Finally got a Dr. to listen to me. I just had a video swallow test done today. The video shows that the food does indeed go down then come back up. Now, I have to go for a scope to see why this is happening.

    I have been told that FMS can contribute to the feeling along with anxiety.

  4. SPR30

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    I take nexium as needed for gurd.....please anyone with more info...thanks!
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    I began having problems swallowing a couple of years ago. I've had surgeries on the neck area but mine feels like it is right in the top/back of my throat. I too, sometimes get choked and have to hold my breath and keep swallowing. The worse thing it a tiny pill.

    It's an awful feeling and I often wonder what I would do if I got something lodged there and here alone. I do live alone but neice is next door but not always home. That is a scary feeling but must deal with it.

    I should take my own advice here; should get it checked to make sure. Good luck and hope you get more information, which I'm sure you will; great board,

  6. NyroFan

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    I have a similar problmem. I can only take in a certain amount of food and it will not go down uless I drink loads of water.
    Whether it is related to FM I do not know?

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    My mom had this same thing. She would cut her food up in small pieces but still choked. One evening my sister and her were out to dinner and she got to choking, one of the patrons had to do the heimlick on her and out shot a piece of chicken. I know, that's gross, sorry.

    Eventually, after a few tests, she found she has a hiatal (sp?) hernia. Might want to discuss with your doc.

    Good luck
  8. SPR30

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    What you described is how I feel. Like food is caught leaving my mouth......in between the tonsils.
    Drink while eating helps. I am going to tell the dr, this is scary.
  9. gnanny

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    I was just thinking of searching to see if anyone had mentioned this.
    I have take prescriptions for acid reflux for years. It seems to work well. Then a few months ago I notice I have a hard time swallowing. Its happening more often now. I kind of thought it was a muscle spasm...I think the esophogus is mostly muscle (?)

    Now though it has taken a new twist...its more painful than just that lump in your throat feeling. Its a dull ache at very very back of my tongue like its tightening and a pain in my stomach. Then the dull ache sets in ...right in the center of my back between the shoulder blades. weird huh?

    The first time I was in the car and worried that maybe I was having a heart attack. It subsided so I thought I was in the clear.

    I mentioned it to my doctor next time I was there, as I expected she all but scratched her head. Since it was a single episode at that time she wasnt alarmed and by that time I felt foolish. I said I would tell her on my next visit if it happened again. 3 or 4 this month.

    I suppose I should make another appointment but I hate that 'look' you get...like I am some kind of nut case seeking attention.

    Thanks for posting. I am not as alarmed when I hear of others getting that sensation of dinner just sitting in your throat.
    How about the other....anybody?

  10. jole

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    I never had any trouble at all until the past 2 years when everything got worse, so I definitely feel it is part of the FM. It makes sense, since it is muscle related.

    It does become scary at times. I really feel as though I will choke, but more like there's not room for anymore to go down, even if I've only taken a couple bites. When I try to wash it down with water I will sometimes get nauseous.

    I was happy to see others have this symptom, because my FIL had this, and he had esophageal cancer. Really don't think this is, but it is scary.

    Friends -
  11. kriket

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    Sometimes anxiety will cause this.

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