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  1. MsBrandywine

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    I just wondered if anyone has had problems with swallowing or feeling like there is something stuck in the throat area. or swollen glands? I just come from seeing my Dr and she is going to test for my thyroid.. also.. try some clarinex.. has any one ever had this before.. I know a few wks ago. there was something on the board over people feeling like it was hard phlegm stuck in there...she said my glands felt ok.. but they feel swollen to me. and its sore on one side..
    Thank you.. would appreciate any info.. also. I was the one that wrote on the glasses a few weeks ago. ( still looking.. Im too fussy.. I guess ) lol.. I did get an interesting email concerning bifocals and falling down.... thanks again.. Deb
  2. 2girls

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    This seems to be quite common with FM. I also have the swollen gland feeling, dry mouth/throat, ofen difficulty swallowing. I saw two ENT's - one said "you should see a psychiatrist" (unbeleivable but true), while the other explained that it was all muscular. And yes, it does feel like phlem is stuck in there (constantly clearing my throat) but I do get post nasal drip often.
    Hope this helps,
  3. MsBrandywine

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    yeah its an awful feeling. Ive never had this symptom before. it started a few weeks ago after being at my stepdaughters and trying some hazelnut creamer.. we were there for 2 days. then went to my daughters for 3 days..she has a houseful of pets.. 2 dogs... 2 cats.. well she has a hard time keeping the litter box cleaned out with having two of them.. so Im wondering if it isnt allergies on top of it all too. I just know since being up there in the frigid temperature. that every since we come home I havent felt that great.. well worse then normal.. or whatever normal can be with having Fibro..lol
  4. LeLeHpr

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    OH MY WORD! I hate to be this excited, but I really thought I was a nutso..LOL I have the most difficult time swallowing and thought it was because of anxiety..But, I am not anxious until I cannot swallow. WOW! So, saying that when you eat, you all have a hard time getting food down too?
  5. MsBrandywine

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    No .. you are not nuts..

    for some reason it just feels like something is stuck in the back of the throat. like hard phlegm.. Im not always able to get anything up when coughing..sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. Its like always there. so its got me worried.. sure hate to do the upper GI thingie!!! hate medical tests!..lol.. Im such a boobycalf when it comes to stuff like that.. sometimes I do have problems swalling spaggetti.. is that what you mean or most food?>

    Also..have such a hard time even taking medicines, that Im not able to even take anything for pain for the fms/mps.. I just have to deal with it and when it gets just so bad that Im not able to deal with it.. I take extra strength tylenol. Other then using my heating pad everyday.. thats all that im able to do for it.. Everything I have tried.. it has made me have some pretty scarey side effects!

  6. dawnie1960

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    Wow! I am always stunned when other have same kind of stuff going on with them as I do!

    I too have trouble swallowing at times. It happens with food, drink or even just my own spittle. I'll try and try but it won't work! And then when I finally do, it feels like my throat is swollen or something stuck in there!

    I especially hate it when I can't swallow when I'm taking medications....cuz the longer they're in my mouth and I can't swallow....they start to disolve and taste horrible!!

    ....ain't it ironic
    Dawn ;-)
  7. MsBrandywine

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    Me too.. do take prevacid for GERD but.. yuck.. it tastes awful when that happens.. was told to take it anytime during the day but have to take it with a meal. Not before or way after. then the feeling is worse. Ick.. anyone have to do that with their meds .. with food to get it down?
  8. Kalli

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    What is GERD? Anyway, I have had a problem over the past couple years swallowing food and drink. I thought I had some horrible disease that was causing it. The dr. didn't even comment on it when I told him. So, I'm glad but not glad that others have the same probelm. Know what I mean? I do't want anyone to have it but at least I know it must have to do with the Fibro.
    Thanks everybody for the info.

  9. MsBrandywine

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    Hi.. Its an acid reflux disease.. you can do a search on it on any of your search engines.. yahoo.. excite.. google.. any of them should have it on there..or even on the library here.I would think..
    I know what you mean. .. its nice to know that others have the same thing.. at least you know you arent imagining it or feel all alone with it.. have a good day' :)
  10. LeLeHpr

    LeLeHpr New Member

    I am soo thankful we have soo much in common...If I am nuts, then everyone else here is a nut too! LOL JK I was eating lastnight and "choked" up..It is so annoying. But a very good way to loose weight..HEHE
  11. halogirl

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    I have difficulty swallowing at times.....I am relieved to hear that others with fm experience it too. I really feel like I am going nuts too........blessings................
  12. NightAngel

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    I have problems swallowing, too!
  13. OhioRN

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    I have not been diagnosed with FM yet, but I have had many of the symptoms I have seen here and having trouble swallowing is one of them! I didn't figure it had anything to do with FM, but apparently it does. It kinda feels like I am ready to swallow, but my throat isn't and it swallows later than I want it too, so things get stuck. Oh my...and I just thought I was crazy!

  14. Notonline

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    I've been told for years it was from stress or anxiety...mine is awful on those days that I'm really tired, seems like my throat is just tired too. Interesting. Anyone else?
  15. layinglow

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    Swallowing is almost impossible sometimes. It's as if the mechanics to it are totally malfunctioning. I have to conciously try to do it---and even then sometimes it doesn't work.

    Quite often, I go around feeling as if I have a marble stuck in my throat. It's an awful sensation. I try to drink something....in hopes of pushing "it" whatever it may be?---down, but it does no good.

    I often feel after meals, or taking meds that they are just plain stuck--right about the place that the hollow in your neck (where they give tracheotomies) is.

    I have even "spewed" milk out my nose one night when my husband had arranged to take me out on a rare, special, dinner, "date"...lol....He worriedly looked at me, as milk was erupting from my nostrils and asked if I was okay...I told him its like I forgot how to swallow....He said...what a fun spontaneous date I was!