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    I just turned 60 this past summer.. have been thru menopause since my mid 40s.. have a new thing going on that I haven't had before.. with having the Fibro /Myofacial/ CFS...
    I haven' ever really done alot of sweating.. even during the summer months.. All of a sudden the past few weeks I am really sweating under the arm pits.. and it smells awful..

    . I did just lose my baby sister last week.. not sure if the stress from all of this.. because she was diagnosed with Lung cancer and it spread to the brain and all thru her body real quick.. a month later and shes gone. The Drs figure that she had the lung cancer about a year.

    I do have issues with my thyroid.. and take synthroid for that but that is all I take other then Vitamins..
    Ive never been one to really sweat.. sweat.. I do still get hot flashes now and then.. I'm not sure if maybe thats what it is.. but was just curious if anyone has done this type of thing and if so.. how can we correct this or.. if we can.. I don't use regular deoderant.. for I don't like the ingredients in the deoderants.. Ive been getting the one with no parabens and .. at the moment for get the name..
    I am careful about what I eat.. I rarely eat stuff with preservatives in it..
    Any suggestions would be helpful.. although I may call tomorrow to my GNP and maybe get it checked..
    Thanks in advance!..
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your sister. As this is a new symptom, it is very possible that it is related to your grieving. Stress can do strange things to our bodies.
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    Thank You for your replies. Im trying to think of when it seemed like I was starting to do this and I believe it was before Christmas.. so maybe it is all stress related.. just seems strange to sweat and ewww smell bad too..
    I know that I've been really experiencing alot of anxiety.. and I have so much muscle tension all over... of course this frigid weather isn't helping. with the aches and pains..
    Dealing with the funeral.. I am totally dreading.. its really giving me more anxiety.. then normal.. Maybe once that is over.. it will fade out like our aches and pains do sometimes.. guess if it keeps up tho I will check with my GNP before the end of the week.
    Ive been on the synthroid 100 mcg's for a few yrs. I haven't ever tried the armour.. I have heard alot about it tho.. I do have to go for blood work soon before the prescription expires. I think next month.. will have to get that checked again.. Plus.. I have heard in the Winter, sometimes our dosage needs to be upped or lowered.. I forget which now..
    but thank You Jam.. Im sorry to hear about your sister.. I have an ex sister inlaw that has MS.. shes in a wheel chair.. same age as myself.. But thank You again for replying to my question.. I appreciate it both of You.. Hugs and God Bless,
  4. MsBrandywine

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    Thank You, Jam.. I will check into this.. I know.. I am ont a fan of regular medicine myself.. I try to do everything as naturally as I can.. Actually the synthroid is the only meds I take.. other then vitmans and I try to get what I can nutritionally.. I have to get my blood work done for that and the Vit D levels .. so Im going to ask my GNP about this.. or should say Dr.. I see both ..
    Thank You again... Blessings. Hugs, Debbi~
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    Stress can indeed have adverse effects on our health and thus one should try to remain happy and cheerful all the time.
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    stress is very dangerous for human health.
  7. yes i agree with you.