sweating? ask Dr. for help

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    For those of you that are having trouble with sweating, please don't try and self medicate - especially with all the problems we already have. Talk to your Dr. - it could be something that isnt' even FM related. For those that have night sweats - I found a pillow insert that holds water and slips between the pillow and pillowcase - kind of like what a waterbed feels like when it isn't heated. I haven't had a night sweat since I started using it and I live in AZ - and it is HOT this year.
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    Hey Packman - I am in Tucson, small world. The insert is called a chillow pillow and you can find it several differant places on the internet with any search engine. I love the thing. I was constantly trying to find that elusive cool spot on my pillow - and God knows we all have enough trouble sleeping without the night sweats. We have lived in Tucson for about 17 years and I had never had a problem with the heat before this year - I just can't stand to be out in it this summer. I am having a lousy summer as it is with other medical problems and not being able to get out and walk is not helping me feel any better. Hopefully this heat will be going away soon. This has been a heck of a monsoon this year. L8R