Sweating hot and the temp. is cold

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by prettyrose, Sep 11, 2003.

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    I was working around the house. Nothing to exhausting. When I broke out in a sweat and it was cold enough to wear a sweat shirt. Felt sick to my stomach. All I could think of was the flu. Laid down and fell asleep and when I woke up I was totaly exhausted. This happened in the morning and I was good for nothing the rest of the day. Never got sick like the flu just wiped out. Does anyone else have this? There is so many things that go wrong that you begin to think you are imagining all these things.
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    There have been many times that I've been wiped out due to exertion (face it -- housework IS exertion). When this happens, I'm just plain uncomfortable. When I do housework, I turn the AC down to 70 or below, otherwise I just can't last.

    Before I got any treatment at all and was at my lowest, a very old friend came to visit. Because he was with his family, I went with them to play mini golf (this was in August, in Florida). I didn't play, I just walked behind them and sat at every bench. The next morning, I managed to make it to a rocking chair -- and there I sat for at least half the day until I had enough strength to move.

    It's strange -- I'm on a low dose now, so this doesn't happen, but when I first started on Zoloft, one of the side effects was profuse perspiration at totally unexpected times. I'd be happily going through life, then all of a sudden, a big drop would fall off my nose, and I'd realize I was sweating buckets (so ladylike). But the weird thing was, once this happened, my body would quickly cool off -- become even comfortable. My husband and others joked with me, telling me this was the was sweating was supposed to work. But in my whole life until this, it never did -- I'd just get hotter and hotter, redder and redder, some perspiration, but basically I wanted to rip my skin off.

    I read somewhere that one MD's opinion was that the proper balance of serotonin would allow our bodies to regulate temperature better -- that he'd had patients that couldn't even take hot showers. I realized that my body just doesn't handle heat/humidity very well on its own.
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    Thank you for telling me other people have this problem. There is so many problems you can begin to think you are going crazy. Then the Dr. looks at you like you are crazy. Does anyone live in southern Minn. or northern Iowa that knows a good Dr. prettyrose
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    I was on Celexa for depression and it had me breaking out in bad sweats(even in a freezing room). I am on zoloft now and so far it isn't as bad. I sweat some, but only if it's warm around me. I wonder if it is the anti-depressants that make us sweat for some reason. Jan