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  1. srollins

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    I can not believe how much I can sweat!This cannot be normal even for menapause can it? I don't get hot flashes. I get hot all over and I sweat until I am dripping wet. This becoming to much to bear, it is not even summer time yet.The Dr. put me on a patch last week.It is Catapres-TTS-1. Itis not a hormone it is just soppose to block the hot flashes,it is used for other things as well like high blood pressure. So far I have had no relief. These periods of sweating are happening at least 10 times a day or more.
    Anybody have any feedback


    PS It is going to be a long hot summer
  2. JLH

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    but thanks to Premarin (estrogen), I no longer have that problem!

    I can't stand to be hot, or to sweat!

    And .... summer is my least favorite season!
    (#1 is spring, #2 is fall, #3 is winter, and #4 is summer!)
  3. Shirl

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    Don't worry, the sweating won't kill you! I sweated for almost 16 years. I would wake up at night with the sheets and pillow cases wet, my hair wet and had to change my night clothes as I was freezing they were so wet!

    I do know that between the menopause and Fibro you can really do some serious sweating. Just be sure to drink a lot of water and fluids.

    I sweated it out without the HRT because most of my family died of cancer.

    I still get the sweats, but not as bad as a few years ago.

    I also hate the summer and I live in Louisiana! Nothing but heat and humidity for the better part of the year. My A/C is running almost year round, and I keep the house at 69 degrees at all times!

    I don't know of anything that truly stops it, hope the patch helps you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. jstbrznby

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    For I too have been going thru this! You have described it perfectly, I never sweated at all, and I worked outside morning noon and night and no matter how much work I did I just didn't sweat. IN fact when I was trying to pull weight to ride ( I was a jockey) I would sit in the 'Hotbaox' and try to sweat some pds off!!! Just think back then if I weighed over 116 I was back on the diet! Now I am way weigh over that! Anyway, call it what you may, I have just never felt in my heart it was all hormones and I get so sick of everyone just passing it off as that. I is just to parallel to how sick I feel. Sometimes I can't even get up and walk accross the room, or if something upsets me I start sweating, and when I am having an episode (for lack of a better definition)of exhaustion, nausea, headaches, and body aches i sweat terribly. OK, sorry I have rambled all I wanted to say was thank you, I really get sick of feeling like this is in my head too!!


    PS, has anyone found anything that levels it out?
  5. swred5

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    I will be turning 31 this July, and have been having hot flashes, along with bouts of either being freezing or sweating a lot! I tend to be cold during the day, and sweat like a hog when I am sleeping. Just like you, I don't know what medications are doing it to me, but I am currently taking birth control, so my hormones should be regulated! Very strange, and one more annoying thing of having FM!!
  6. pam_d

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    I'm with you! I just got done complaining about winter & how cold it was.....now I'm already gearing up to complain some more about the heat & humidity, which are just as bad! Hate those extremes.....love spring & fall, but it seems that where I live, you go from winter to summer, with very little spring in between. We need to live on a little island where it stays about 65-75 year round with low humidity.....& no sweating allowed! (Of course, we'd find something else to complain about, LOL)

  7. blondieangel

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    I go through time periods when I wake up every night/morning DRENCHED! I wake up in the night and feel the water running/dripping down my body! My hair is soaked... The bed is drenched...etc..I sleep with a towel under my sheet!
  8. jmac

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    Even as a kid I was a head sweater when playing outside, etc. I always turn beet read -- my kids are the same way.

    But ever since I started having FM symptoms 7 years ago, the sweating seems constant -- indoors or out/summer and winter. It's annyoing and embarrasing. I always feel hot, yet my normal temperature is 96-98 degrees. I know it's not menopause since it began when I was only 28! Could be hormones, I guess -- but I think it's definately related to FM. (Of course living in Texas doesn't help either :)

    Stay cool!
  9. kckitty

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    I get day sweats not nite sweats-the weird thing is I am 56 and I STILL get my friggin period-my doc put me thru all these tests last year but I told her my older sister was old too when she still had her period-I have just started taking premarin and medroxprogest (provem?) to hopefully take care of the sweats- its embarrasing-there are little fans out there at eckerds and wallgreens that you can wear around your neck and give off a great wind-when I use it EVERYONE wants to know where I got it-seems like we are not alone-I did get horrible sweats when I was on a pain patch a few years ago-cant remember the name but that was bad-I then xswitched to the pill version-dont take either anymore except my usual set of narcotic meds now..
  10. srollins

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    Yeah, I'm bothered during the day,it is rare for me to have it happen in the middle of the night. I'd have to say for me it is a day time problem.I have trouble believing it is a menapausel for me. I too am 56 (as of yesterday)
    but I had surgery when I was 36. I took premarin until about this time last year and my surgeon insisted I give it up because of my breast history.Rheumey wanted me to take it because of my bones and he thought that it would be helpful with my overall well being. Hell I don't know what to believe anymore.I just know that I am miserable as heck and I just don't think I can face much more of this sweating thing. I stay slimey all the time.THAT patch sure isn't doing anything.
  11. coyote

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    I opted for HRT after sweating through a couple of years. I was miserable walking around with my clothes stuck to me and being unbelievably irritable because of it. It took me a long time to find an estrogen that worked. I am on a patch now, can't remember the name........
    I still sweat enough to be uncomfortable, at times, though.
    Having a cold, being in a hot building, drinking hot tea, lots of things can effect it.

    Memory came back.....it's Vivelle Dot. Works for me.[This Message was Edited on 04/19/2003]
  12. debilynb

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    THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I thought I was going crazy. It seems like all I ever do is sweat anymore with just the least amoung of exertion. Since I have been on hormones for years I was wondering if I had become immune to them or something. Nobody has ever told me it was common with FM. This is the first time I have been to this site, and I have already learned tons of stuff. I was diagnosed with FM a year ago and it has been HELL!!! I'm still working, but it's all I can do just to make it through the day. It feels good to know I'm not the only one out there.
  13. srollins

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    Trust me you have allot of good company here! And just a wealth of knowledge and information not too mention comfort. This is the one place you can go to and just let it rip or you can just set back and read or you can post ANY subject pretaining to this H**L you need too.
    I have had FM/cfs since 1977 and I have just come to realize this sweating thing as well as alot of other things are related to it. I am a little new here myself
    and I am amazed how much I have learned considering how long I have been dealing with this You would think I would know quite a bit. Thought I did til I came here.
    Welcome ,hope you will stick around.
  14. debilynb

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    Thank you, Shirley. I will definitely be sticking around. Hopefully I can learn how to control this FM. I think I have refused to accept it so far, But I'm getting to the point now where I am going to have to.