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  1. rivergal

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    Does anyone SWEAT really bad with this DD Fibro....My hair looks like I poured a bucket of water over it, it is worse on my head & neck..I live in Indiana & it is really alot of Humidity here, but I can sweat with the Air on in the house or store....HELP PLEASE...
  2. wle

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    My Dr. just diganosed FM so I am just researching and trying to learn all I can. I sweat so bad.......thought because of my age that is was hot flashes...............
    could it possibly be FM?
  3. Mrs. B

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    there was a recent post on this with suggestions. try putting it in the search area above.

  4. MissRachel

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    Since I started taking MS Contin I have been sweating SOOO MUCH! I carry a hanker chief with me every whereI go. My face and head are the worst areas. My face is getting very sensative because I am wipping it constantly with the hanky. I'm also getting brake outs from the constant sweats and wipping. Is there and supplements that help with the sweats?

  5. Lexied

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    When I read your message I thought "That's Me!!" Ever since I have had FM and have been living on multiple prescriptions including Methadone, Flexeril, Zoloft,Effexor,etc. I have had countless bouts with drenching sweat! I have tried changing my meds, taking larger doses of my estrogen and even different vitamins and I have not been able to control the sweating. On the rare occasions that I am able to go out I am soaking wet within 5 minutes of being in a store. Not only is it miserable and embarrassing, it completely drains all my energy. I start shaking and get cold, then feel like I on fire! I have told my doctor about it many times but he hasn't been able to tell me what is causing it or what I can do to control it.
    I'm so sorry you have this problem too ... I guess it's one more "gift" that FM gives us!
  6. jadibeler

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    Oh, yes, I sweat "like a pig", as the saying goes. And yes, it is my neck, scalp and under my breasts for the most part.

    I'm not on any medication except Paxil. The only remedy I've found for when I go out in public is smearing a good stick antiperperant (I use Women's Mitchem) on my neck, under my chin, on my chest and under my breasts as well as underarms. This will at least keep it at bay for awhile. doesn't help with the scalp, but at least I don't look like a racehorse at the finish line.