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  1. Beebee71

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    A friend recommended this site. I have fibro and in just a short time on here I have learned more than I have from doctors. i live in a small town so knowledgeable doctors are hard to find. My question is "do any of you have a problem with sweating?" Beebee71
  2. tansy

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    Welcome to this board which is great. Lots of info, ideas, and people willing to help others when they can.

    There's been posts on sweating very recently so you may not get a lot of answers on this one. If you go up to the top of this page and type sweating into the message search box you will be able to access all the other posts on this. You might get some answers, perhaps even some ideas on how to cope with it, and will see that this is indeed a common problem.


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  3. arod59_2

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    i also have that prob an i also sweat when i eat its wierd an i feel bad after i eat.anyway your not alone.take care
  4. LeslieG

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    Hi Beebee,

    Welcome! I am new, too. There is so much [Great!] information here I wish I could read faster!

    I have had a sweating problem for about 10 years. In the beginning it was supposedly a medication I was on, but it hasn't stopped.

    I hope we both get some good suggestions from looking it up by subject! I hate to sweat!

  5. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    I never sweat so bad. And I live in the desert!!! (AZ) Nothing seems to help, I could use come advice on this as well. Blessings, IGgy
  6. stillhope

    stillhope New Member

    I am also new and I cannot read fast enough either. I have been sweating for about a year now and I thought my life was bad with FM! Now I cannot go anywhere without a change or two of clothes. I used to love the sun. I tried the hormone route and that was no help. I have no life, it is so embarrassing! Help someone!! Stillhope
  7. coping1961

    coping1961 New Member

    new here also! worst hot flashes have came on after eating.
    been known to drive around with the windows open and the air on high in my jeep in the middle of dec.[in shorts , what a sad sight] wonder if the heat from stove when cooking causes this. i work in grocery store, have been known to eat lunch in one of the walk-in coolers.

  8. Shirl

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    It is amazing how many new people are joining this board all at the same time lately. Welcome to all of you.

    As for the sweating it is part of the FM syndrome. There is a great book that all of you should read, its;

    'The Fibromyagia Advocate' by Devin Starlanyl, M.D. she is a doctor that has FM, so she is writing from first hand information. Her books are wonderful for anyone to read that has this illness. It will clear up a lot of our questions, and take away a lot of fear also.

    The only thing that has helped some with the sweating is magnesium. It does not stop it, but at least I am sweating about a 1/3 of what I was doing before taking the magnesium.

    For those who have it bad during the night, I kept an ice bucket with a face towel in it by my bed. I would just wipe my face and wrists, behind my neck to cool my body down quickly. It is miserable, it used to wake me up all night long.

    A low dose of Xanax seemed to help also, but it did not stop it completely, nothing did.

    Again, welcome to all the new members.

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. dbkester

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    I sweat alot at night. I have the air on and a fan. This helps me when sleeping.
  10. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    Whatever is making me sweat apparently is inherited.My mom says my ancestors did too.All tests always come back normal.Even when I was young and in perfect shape I would sweat and cannot tolerate the heat.My face is the worst,it turns beat red and the sweat just drips off,my hair is soaked alot.Heaven forbid I do "work" and my shirt will be soaked.The heat makes me literally sick.
  11. elizabethia

    elizabethia New Member

    i have a terrible god awful time with nite sweats... sometimes i have to get up and change my clothes.. and my bedding... not all the time but pretty offten ... offten enough for me to know when this happens something is not quit right in the old bod... take care.. elizabeth
  12. catsii

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    I've been sweating a lifetime ! But have noticed it's so much worse past few years. Didn't realize it might be related to FM until recently since i joined this board !

    I sweat not only when i'm exerting myself..which is not often. But always sweat during/after eating and also just sitting...no movement...sweat just pours off my head. I am also very heat sensitive..get sick very quickly when overheated..and it doesn't take much to overheat ! The nite sweats have eased some recently but have no idea why !
    Good luck !