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    i've been sweating a whole lot since this dd... but not only has the foot sweating gotten really bad... but now the athlete's foot is scaring me!

    i never had athletes foot in my life until the foot sweating started. at first it was just between two toes (i was freaking out and asked a doctor if it was gangrene since the skin was so raw!)... now it's spread further to other toes, and sometime i wonder if it is something worse.
    (haven't shown a doctor in a few years)... always gets worse in winter with socks, but now it's year round. sometimes i wear cotton socks inside, but never shoes...

    i go around freezing my feet in chicago winter indoors with no socks to try to make them better. bathe feet at night when i remember.

    when i do wear socks, my feet sweat so bad (even with cotton socks--i think they're all cotton)...i could wear two pairs a day!

    any suggestions? i hope this is only athletes foot! it never goes away...

    thanks all!
  2. Chilene

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    nice to "meet" you!

    no, actually i hadn't thought of that! that or constarch i bet would work well.

    thank you!

    your bio about mountain-climbing (etc.) inspires me. you look so pretty in your photo and i LOVE what you are wearing!

    hugs to you prickles;)