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    There were comments made in the thread on NCF. Swedeboy stated that the HHV-6 Foundation paid speakers to present at conferences. Lichu3 stated
    there were no reliable tests for the HHV-6 virus.

    Kristen Loomis of Santa Barbara is the co-founder and
    executive directer of this foundation and she will be happy to give you the correct facts about your statements. Her numbers are 800 645-6950 fax and
    805 969-1174.

    I feel it is very important to present accurate information on this forum and it's best to get it from the source.
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    I think you misunderstood my prior post. My info IS from the HHV-6 Foundation website. There are no reliable available tests to distinguish between HHV-6A and HHV-6B and HHV-6 antibody tests are the best right now to look for persistent infection.

    I'll call the Foundation and ask Montoya when I see him but that's what I've gotten off the Foundation website and from other people's posts here. (Empty2void was able to get special testing through contacts to distinguish between 6A and 6B but her situation was quite unique.) Montoya is also very specific about which labs he uses for diagnosis.

    Secondly, in the NCF post, I was talking about Montoya criticizing his own work (which all good scientists do when writing a paper) in that he did not distinguish between 6A and 6B.

    As for swedeboy, he is posting info from the NCF website for everyone's information here. Those are NOT his personal quotes - they are critique from an anonymous source at NCF.
    Note the quotation marks around the paragraphs. (Feel free to correct me here, Sean, but that was my understanding.)

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    Those are not my words! I was directly quoting the National CFIDS Foundation's (NCF), National Forum, Spring 2007 issue, Page 22 paragraph 6, and Page 26 Paragraph 3,. Please do not accuse me of making those statements, I was simply reporting on an article by the NCF.

    Nancyann62, I am not sure what you mean when you say "I feel it is very important to present accurate information on this forum and it's best to get it from the source."

    And what "foundation" is Kristen Loomis the "co-founder and
    executive directer" of?

    If you feel that these statments are not correct, then please contact Loomis herself and or the NCF directly because it is the NCF who made these statements and NOT me.

    This is directly how I begin the post you are referring to: "This is part of what it says in the Article "IACFS Medical Conference" in the NCF's National Forum Spring 2007 issue."
    And I clearly add quotation marks so that readers know that they are NOT my own words.

    The National CFIDS Foundation, Inc.
    103 Aletha Road
    Needham, MA, 02492-3931
    phone:(781) 449-3535
    Fax:(781) 449-8606, (781)925-3393)

    Sincerely, Sean
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    Lichu3, Thanks for backing me up!
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    Hi Nancyann, I hope you are doing well. I am wondering if you are going to respond to the questions directed towards you. Hope we can have a great discussion.

    Thanks, Sean

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    The HHV6 Foundation is a non-profit foundation which was started in 2004. Kristen Loomis is the exec. director and it was her phone and fax I supplied. Their website HHV6 Foundation has a lot of info and is worth searching for. When I read your post about paid speak
    ers I didn't realize you were referring to another group and
    probably my eyesight had problems with the quotation
    marks. For this I do apologize. I am not familiar with this forum you refer to in any way .
    The tests I refer to are done by Konnie Knox MD at
    Wisconsin Viral Research. She has done my testing for many years.
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    Thank you for the info!
    I am familiar with the HHV-6 foundation, especially so since I am a patient of Dr.Montoya.

    Smiles, Sean