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    I was reading the post called "Good Friend is a Patient of Dr. Montoya's, On Valcyte Now" and of course thinking of you.

    My hope is that if you can get your body in as good shape as possible right now, the herxing on the Valcyte (provided that you take it) won't be as bad and you're more likely to have lasting results.

    We were talking about this the other day,, but the thread has gone missing. Still, the major things that I think you should consider are:

    * Optimizing your adrenals (I believe you said you were at least getting your DHEA tested?).

    * Getting rid of any yeast you might have (See my thread on "Controlling Yeast" and specifically my post on "Yeast Clean-Out" way down....maybe on the second page. I am _so_ glad I did that before starting on the Famvir!)

    * Identifying and eliminating food allergies (Didn't you say you were getting tested for this?)

    * Get as much rest as you can in advance. (Klonopin and melatonin have both been helpful for me with regard to getting deep sleep. Have you tried either?)

    * Eliminate the possibility of having _any_ stress in your life occur while you're on the drug. Be prepared to get as much sleep as possible and not to have to do anything.

    * Be prepared to support your adrenals while on the drug. Getting some Energy Flash and the AntiAging stuff mentioned in my post "A Strategic Plan for Becoming Truly Well" might be a good proactive thing to do, in the event that that part of your functioning starts to crash while you're on the drug. ("AntiAging" is a stupid name, apparently adopted to get a bigger market. Adrenal, mesanchyme and thymus extracts are much more appropriate for stress than they are aging prevention, but never mind.)

    I hope you don't get as sick as the person reported in that post, but these would have been good suggestions for me even with my moderate amount of herxing on the Famvir.

    I certainly intend to follow them closely when I move to the Valcyte, since I'm not sure how much more herxing that's going to give me.

    Let me know the results of those tests (including the ImmunoSciences one), please.

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