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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PrariWolf, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. PrariWolf

    PrariWolf New Member

    With all my health troubles (cancer, fibro, asthma, etc) I know I need to give up sugar. I know from experience that I would do much better without it. However, I am an addict. When I need a fix, it does not matter what form it takes, I MUST have sugar. It may seem funny but I am as addicted to it as some are to heroin or alcohol.

    I have been reading about how to free oneself from sugar addiction. My sources claim that if one eats healthy foods and steels oneself, the sugar craving will subside "in a few days." I know this is not true in my case.

    About 15 years ago, due to a chronic yeast infection I was put on a wheat-free, yeast-free, sugar-free diet for 6 months on which I was very strict with myself -- I didn't even have fruit. I took supplements such as chromium that helped to regulate blood sugar. Yet not a day went by, in the entire 6 months, that I didn't crave and dream of eating sugar. The cravings never even really subsided the entire time. As soon as I was allowed off the diet, I went straight for the sugar.

    So I was wondering if anyone has any insight on how to make it easier to overcome sugar addiction. I really need to get this out of my diet to help get my health back. There is no rehab program for sugar. (I cannot do a yeast detox because I am already putting a strain on my liver with the chemo).
  2. GoldensRule

    GoldensRule New Member

    I am also addicted to sweet foods. Especially when I am not feeling well. I often use my pain as an excuse to indulge in something that I know is bad for me. Than I feel guilty for eating the bad thing.

    I find that if I promise myself that I can have a piece of cake, some candy on the weekend (or some time in the future) I can reduce my intake. Also, and this is just my idea, just like any other "drug" slowly reduce the amount of sugar that you eat so that your body has time to adjust (and your mind). As you take away a "sugary" food replace it with a healthy food.

    I think that the most important thing is to not beat yourself up everytime you eat something sweet. Just keep trying to reduce the amount of sugar that you eat. That is what I am trying to do.
  3. sascha

    sascha Member

    i have cfids, and have had (still have) addictions to chocolate and carbs (which act in the body the way sugar does). i have made efforts to get onto a clean, healthful diet all my life, and have succeeded off and on, off and on, for years and years.

    this time, i am determined to do my best to give my health every possible chance to return, so i committed myself to a clean diet again (Perricone approach- he makes a strong case for sugar causing inflammation in the body, which can lead to all sorts of diseases, including cancer).

    the thing is, there are a lot of wonderful foods that you can come to appreciate and enjoy that will/can compensate for not having sugary junk foods. yes- it's hard. but what is worth more- a strong push and commitment on your part to attain best state of well-being possible, or giving in to momentary impulses I know whereof i speak, because i have been the queen of self-gratification). it's a serious matter of choice- i can say this because i know the struggles with food i have had. i am doing much better now and have found excellent food choices that sustain me so that i can get by without cookies, chocolate (i can have 2 tsps/day organic cocoa powder- i either put it in hot chocolate, sweetened with stevia, or mixed in with almond butter and chopped walnuts and stevia, or in my kefir blender drink).

    there are programs out there you could find online that might ring true for you that would give you a good basis for your food regimen.

    i am feeling really good about myself that i am staying with my program. it has been almost 3 months now. i make the whole thing as delicious and interesting as possible, and each time i resist temptation and stay within my plan, my self-esteem goes up, and my confidence to take proper care of myself goes up. that's worth a lot!

    it is about making the best choices for yourself, and as everything worthwhile, there is a challenge involved.

    i'm not preaching- this is a road that i know all too well. i wish you best of luck and wisdom in your choices- Sascha
  4. ask2266

    ask2266 Member

    I mean, I think about getting a fix of sugar like a junkie craves drugs. I've been able to cut back but not eliminate sugar from my diet, and I still want that cake or cookie. I'm hoping if I get my yeast levels down, then the cravings will lessen. But so far, nothing help! I think they need S.A.A.- Sugar Addicts Anonymous.
  5. TrishinSpokane

    TrishinSpokane New Member

    get more info on Stevia at www.stevia.com. They have some good recipes as well.

  6. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I am not a sugar addict, but I was very much addicted to Condenced Milk in coffee and tea, in fact I could actually put a can of it in the freezer and eat it with a spoon! But did not care for cookies/candies/etc.

    I finally found a sugar that is not processed for the coffee/tea, and I know a few diabetics that can actually use this sugar without their blood sugar going up, but not in large amounts.

    Its called: 'Zulka' pure cane sugar, made in Mexico. the bag says: 'Zulka' is made in Mexico from 100% unrefined cane juice that is squeezed daily from fresh, ripe cane to proudce a sugar value of minerals while giving you an aromatic and great tasting sweetener.'

    I have been using this now for two years, and the FM pain is way down. I only have flares infrequently. I completely quit eating condenced milk, which is made with white processed sugar.

    My cousin is on a diet and has been using this sugar, and not gaining weight.

    You can buy it at Wal-Mart in the International aisle. Its as cheap as white sugar.

    Hope this helps.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  7. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Oh, I know the feeling. I try to buy sugar-free treats whenever possible. Does anyone know if the sugar-free cookies and candy sweetened with Splenda is bad for you? I'd love to know if I am just trying to take in less sugar but replacing it with something equally as bad. Any info. on Splenda? Thanks! Kim :)
  8. PrariWolf

    PrariWolf New Member

    Thanks for the tips on this problem. Yes, it is just like a drug addiction and is no more a matter of "just making healthy choices and sticking to them" than it would be for a drug addict to "just say no". I don't add sugar to things like cereal and coffee, and I don't like things especially sweet. But when I feel that need coming on, it feels like nothing will stop it. I feel like if it were not widely available, I would literally do something illegal to get it!

    I will give some of these ideas a try. I am not that crazy about stevia as a substitute, since I am one of those who can taste the licorice whiff in it. (I like licorice, but not so much in, say, blueberry muffins.) And I would sooner eat a pound of sugar than one pack of those vile chemical sugar substitutes. But I will try that Zucka and cutting back. Maybe that's all I can do right now until I'm done with chemo and I can have another go at candida detoxing. I will also look into this molybdenum I've been reading about in other related posts here. I'll have to clear that with my doctor, of course.

    I must say, when I did that diet, I had an undiagnosed sluggish thyroid (so it didn't improve my energy level much). But even with that, I lost 80 lbs and people told me my skin looked better than ever and my eyes very clear. So I know there is a huge benefit to it if I can make it stick sometimes.

    I read about the origins of the Atkins diet once, and found the man who invented the Salisbury steak - which is by the way a far cry from the gravy-covered calorie bomb we enjoy today. Dr. Salisbury blamed sugar for a lot of ills over 100 years ago. He said his patients often took as long as 1-3 YEARS to overcome their cravings. I don't know if that was due to not having yeast-clearing drugs/protocols, but it certainly gives one pause.

    Love the support here, I feel so among friends. Thanks again!
  9. evol_or_revert

    evol_or_revert New Member

    I alos have trouble with sugar and found this wonderful program called Radiant recovery, search for it and it comes up with a great website. The lady has also written a few books which were very helpful.

    I've had other problems which ment I haven't finished this program yet. But I have majorly cut down on my sugar intake :)

    Hope you find something to help you

  10. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Thanks for the info. on stevia. I have not tried it. I do not make recipes with splenda, I have only eaten the store bought things that are already sweetened with it. So I have not noticed a bad taste as of yet. Now, if I used it in a recipe, that would probably be a different story. I will look into the stevia. Thanks again, Kim :)
  11. Joshuaalpha

    Joshuaalpha New Member

    yah I have been deeling with sugar cravings and cravings and general. I was drinking like a little over 1 L of coca cola a day, sometimes 2 and like 4 cups of coffee with 1 tpsn of sugar. But now I have an apple or an orange. Especially an orange for desert after supper. I had a craving today after breakfast and ate an apple and had a cup of coffee and felt great as the apple releases sugar over time naturally and slower. SO I cut out the pop and added fruit. try it!! It has worked for me
  12. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    for that little tidbit. I will run to Wal-mart and buy some of that. My husband is a sugar addict as are most recovered alcoholics. Since I started back on Cymbalta my sugar intake has really increased also.
  13. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Hi PrariWolf,

    I too, love sugar but I don't eat many sweets at all. I only get it through coffee and tea. I agree with you; it IS an addiction.

    I was a smoker and it took me 2 years to convince myself that I wanted to quit, and I did. However, I just plain and simply do not want to quit the sugar habit; I enjoy it so much. I suppose if I were eating a lot of sweets, I might try giving some up because I do use a lot of sugar in my coffee and tea and that would really be too much.

    joshuaalpa had a good answer; fruit. You can't go wrong eating fruit.

    I bought some apple juice and grape juice to drink. On both of the jars, it stated, "no sugar added". That may be something you can try. I'm going to try and drink more of it.

    I can relate and I wish you the best,

  14. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    This is a suggestion that I wouldn't give unless I had seen such dramatic evidence of it with my own eyes.

    My husband has been a sugar addict his whole life. His father was a diabetic, and so this is not a good thing.

    He eliminated all desserts and all other forms of raw sugar from his diet about 10 years ago.

    He has been quite faithful with regards to staying away from it (1-2 desserts with sugar per year at most). However, he said that his sugar cravings have remained with him all this time and are almost constant.

    He also has tried to restrict his consumption of such things as white flour and fruit juice, but finds that once he starts on one of these things it is extremely difficult to stop.

    A couple of days ago, I took him to see my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor in Chinatown in Chicago. My husband had a number of other problems (including fatigue and anxiety) that he wanted to address.

    We both decided that this particular Chinese medicine doctor is excellent. (My husband is from Taiwan, and so he has a comparison point.)

    Anyway, the doctor recommended a product that he said would help my husband's sugar cravings.

    The product is in the form of cookies. They actually taste pretty good and contain the following unlikely ingredients:

    * Herbal combination of squash powder, buckwheat, squash seed, and soybean powder.

    * Wheat flour, soybean oil, xylitol, stevia leaf, salt and vanilla.

    This sounded to me so innocuous that I could not believe it would do anything. The cookies are only slightly sweet and are not providing sugar on their own. The doctor recommended that my husband eat between 3-5 per day, whenever was convenient and especially if he was craving sugar.

    My husband didn't comment to me on the effect, although he did say that the herbs he was taking were helping his other symptoms.

    However, after a couple of days, I observed myself that my husband had made a glass of fruit juice in our juicemaker. The juicemaker is supposed to be for making healthy drinks, but he uses it a bit too often to give himself a sugar fix too.

    Anyway, most of a glass of juice was sitting on the counter. I asked him if there was anything wrong with it.

    He said no, that it was great but that he didn't feel like he wanted all that sugar at once and that just a few sips were satisfying. He was going to make smaller quantities of fruit juice in the future, he said.

    I was astounded and asked if his sugar cravings had decreased in general. He told me that they had gone away completely.

    I have some belief that TCM medicine is helpful (otherwise I wouldn't be seeing this doctor), but the idea that these cookies might make this much of a difference boggles my mind. My husband has never found _anything_ that has reduced his sugar cravings in the 20 years I've known him, and so this is unprecedented.

    I don't know if these bars work for anyone else, but this doctor is extremely popular and has a really good background.

    Anyway, for those desperate enough to give this a try, the cookies (along with about 150 other herbal supplements, tea, cookies etc.) are sold under a proprietary brand owned by my doctor. They can be ordered by the general public directly from his office.

    The information is:

    Code Number: 6CK-23

    Chinese Name: Jiang Tang Bing Gan

    English Name: Sugar Balance Bar (Sugar Free) or Squash Sugar Bar

    Property and Function: Strengthens the Spleen-Stomach function and regulates the digestive system.

    Main Use in China: High blood sugar, sweet craving.

    Recommended amount is 3-6 bars per day. There are 27 bars in a box. The price per box is $9. (Obviously there is postage if sent through mail order.)

    The cookies have 60 calories each. This totals a fair amount, but if it causes decreases in sugar consumption, I would think that would make up for the difference for many people.

    The brand name is Life Rising. The doctor's office is called Ton Shen Health (should be accessible by googling.) The phone number is 312-842-2775.

    I will try to remember to update this at some point in future with regard to how my husband is continuing to do on this product.

    In the meantime, if anyone gives it a try, please report your experiences.

    Best, Lisa
  15. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    Sugary treats still are tempting though.
    But now I can walk away.

    I beat Candida using 3-Lac, three strains of Lactobacillius bacteria. Bacteria crowds out yeast in the colon. Normally yeast and bacteria live in balance (homeostasis) but antibiotics and mercury toxicity will tilt that balance in favor of yeasts.

    Since 3-Lac is a healthy bacteria it can only help the liver. Candida makes alcohol which is hard on the liver too.
  16. Your not alone. I too crave sweets. I wish I could find something to take its place. I also have a yeast problem . ugh!
  17. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    Wow, Lisa!
    I looked up xylitol from the cookie ingredients on Wikipedia, and it reads like the elixir of life!

    It says it even helps to combat yeast, so that is why it's not used in bread.

    A sweet yeast fighter? Safe for diabetics? Used to treat cavities? Can be used in fabric to act as a coolant? What will this green earth not give us, next?

    Unfortunately, it looks like it is bad for doggies, so no treating poochies to these cookies.

    Hey, I am going to order some. I love cookies of any kind-- even if they are made out of squash.:) It hardly matters to me what they taste like. I am a cookie monster!


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