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  1. MusicTeacher

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    How are you doing? Any news of your son?

    I've been worried for you both but praying on for you too.

    Love, prayers and hugs
    Music Teacher (UK)
  2. sweetpeas

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    I'm hanging in there. He's back home, but left in a huff a couple of hours ago.....so who knows. His behavior is erratic at best, scary at worst. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to do a special posting to catch my attention. And thank you most of all for your thoughtfulness and prayers. Yours prayers mean more to me than you'll ever know.

    I'm praying for your sore throat. How's that coming along? I used to be plagued with those things when I was younger. I know it's no fun. Do let us know how you're doing, okay?

    'Hope you and and your family have a HEALTHY and restful vacation!

    Love to you--all the way to the UK,
  3. MusicTeacher

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    Appreciated the update (and have responded to your more general message). Throat is still lousy - have had to cancel all my pupils (in their interests, never mind mine!). Just hoping the holiday will still happen - we shall have to see.

    Take care and keep in touch.

    Love Music Teacher (UK)