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    Don't apologize for butting in! I'm glad you did or we wouldn't have met :)

    The only way I was able to get the peace Christ promised us was by constantly staying in His word, the times I'd let the old flesh slip in that devil was right there waiting for the attack mode. I read everything I could in the Bible on God's Promises to us. How to walk closer to Him anything that got me so into the Word!

    Not too long ago I was whining about not having any peace, in my house - Satan attacks on my husband, our marriage, my mouth, whacko neighbors, and I do pray for them - so here I was complaining about it and it took a while, I really don't know how long, when I realized God had lifted His peace, boy, did I apologize for that one! It was horrible!!! We have it even if we can't always feel it.

    God never said this would be easy and for some it is a lot harder, only God know and that we have to remember!

    From what I've read if God has been silent then it could very well be a test of Faith, he's there and he does love you!!

    Hope this isn't too long,and I'll try and make it short as possible, but here's a wonderful story about that - where Christ puts his lambs - that's you Sweetpotatoe!

    When I was frist baptized in the Holy Spirit - 3 years ago - one thing I regretted was not raising my two son's as strong Christians or I thought. One day driving home I said '"Lord, you know how I feel and I think it's stopping me from trying to be a better Christian, I'm worried about James and Robert, and also, Joseph is worried about Jacob" Well, the Holy Spirit convicted me so strongly that they are okay and will be fine I almost drove into the orchard by us.I actually heard God's voice when I was driving, but that's a different story. My brother has had the same regrets and when I told him he wasn't too convinced.

    Having a phone conversation with a friend in MS I kept bringing this unease of my brothers into the conversation, like 4 times! then she said "Oh, okay" then to me hold on. I knew something was being told her. She said Tell Joseph to hold Jacob in his hands like his going to throw a baseball. Joseph has to do the physical so do you and Sarah", then my friend said "Christ is taking Jacob to his chest", now I'm writting like crazy and I said in my head "OH, no, they're going to fast" and at that second she said "Okay" and stopped talking until I caught up, then when I wrote "to His chest" she said "no I got that wrong it's to his HEART", then again "no, it's INTO His heart." Into not to.... but into!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I still have that paper and cry every time I think about it.

    He also said Joseph can't come through the clouds to get Jacobs,

    I went out and tossed my 2 son's,husband and rest of the family, my grandson and granddaughter up to heaven, Zoe was the hardest and I didn't realize I was crying until I heard "Why are crying", I didn't know but He waited until I figured it out. It was letting go and know He would always have her and my family in His heart and me!

    This was given to me again when I was thinking about what you said about God not loving you. He said by way of His Holy Spirit tell her this, this is where she is.
    Here goes the tears again LOL. This is for everyone who is a Child of God.

    When my friend was talking I was wondering if we could toss our loved ones up and got a real strong "Of,course!!" when she asked she got "Nothing is hidden" What God reveals to us we have to let known, even if some think we're nutty. LOL

    God's Blessings and Peace