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    I hope you won't be offended and I word this right. I am taking a class in Wholeness and Inner Healing. The first book we are to read is called "Healing for Damaged Emotions" by David Seamands. I've just read the first 4 chapters but through the whole reading I kept getting your name "sweatpotatoe", I actually got it when I doing another cleansing but ignored it, I felt like I would be interfering and I don't know you, but as a sister in Christ.
    I've learned not ignore the Holy Spirit so I am giving you the information and I pray that this will help you on your journey with God.

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    When one offers help with pureness of heart, it will not be looked at as interfering.

    Your intentions are geniune. Sweetpotato needs all of us praying for her. Soft hugs. Joyfully
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    thank you, but I have found that when a Christian or anyone for that matter is not ready for healing they do tell me to "butt out" that's okay, I'm just glad Sweetpotatoe didn't LOL

    Sweetpotatoe, The author of this book does not believe that hosting of unclean spirits is that common, I disagree and thanks to the Holy Spirit and one of the unclean spirits He delivered me from was one of criticism - so even though I don't agree with that statement I prayed and ask God to give me the knowledge and revelation with my heart and gut level and not just the intellect part.