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  1. getridof

    getridof New Member

    I've a few messages you recently post and know you're not feeling well. Just want to send my regards and I'll pray for you.
  2. getridof

    getridof New Member

    So good to hear from you again. Because you are always an active member, but it seems you "hide away" for a few days, so I know there must be something tough you're facing. Hope you take care of yourself and I'll pray for you.

    These days are not good for me because of my arm. Get almost contradictive opinions from different doctors, that confused me so much. I feel I'm so lame.....

    Anyway, don't worry about me. Take good care.
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  3. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    Hi getridof, I hope you get your arm fixed soon, it must be frustrating and painful. Are you still able to do any work?

    I've had a few days off due to illness, I'm back on friday and just hope I can get through the day. Having CFS is also frustrating, somedays are better than others, its so unpredictable and hard to fight off viruses.

    I hadn't been on the computer for a few days until last night, somedays there is heaps of time and others its hard to get through the day.

    I hope your arm heals and life moves forward for you. I am believing this year will bring change for me, and be the start of a new season.

    Blessings Sweetpotatoe.