Swelling and Fatigue

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    Hey, I need some advice (or just empathy).
    I had surgery for a rectal prolaps in mid-July, they removed 8" of bowel. I was healing up fine, then a month later, I started just feeling SICK and my gut pain increased ,my fingers and ankles got swollen-had to remove my jewelry. Now I'm running lo-grade fever, my abdomen is swollen like a 9 mo. pregnant lady,my legs & feet are up like Balloons- very painful to walk...it only feels good to keep them elevated. And with the FM, I'm in a Great deal of pain because I had to get off most Med's. My Liver Chemistries are abnormal, My Liver Ultrasound only showed enlargement, and I'm having a CT Scan on Tues. on my liver. My energy Level is zip. The thought of walking back to my bedroom makes me want to stay here. Sheer willpower gets me around lately, as my muscles are failing. Any ideas for me? This is 3 weeks of agony and I feel soooo bad! I take milk thistle, but have not done a "liver cleanse". What is that?
    Love, and thank you for any responses,
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    You really should see your Doctor right away. Have you called him/her about this problem?
    There are a lot of other Condition's that could be causing this.
    With FMS, it does take me longer to recover after surgery, but this sound's like another problem altogeather.
    Please let us know, how your doing and what your Doctor say's.

    I wouldn't try anything New right now, like the Cleanse, first you need to know what is causing the Pain and Bloating. Could be Adhesion's, I know I have some, and they cause me to have some Pain due to MCPD and the trigger points that I have also. I had my Gallbladder removed and I had a Dead area on mytummy for years, I used MSM lotion on the scar, and it reduced it a lot, but the Trigger's still there.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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    don't wait, something is obviously not right. Good luck!
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    Fibromiester-My husband had part of his intestines removed several years ago and didn't have any swelling or bloating like that at all. You should see a doctor right away. Please get checked out and get some relief. I'll be praying for you. Jan