Swelling in between the knuckles on my left hand

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    This is strange. I am a heavy woman. I have little pads of fat in between my knuckles on both hands. Any how, on my left hand, these areas are swelling during the day and are tender.

    There is no heat present. The knuckles themselves are not red, hot, or swollen. I have OA in my hands, but its not the joints hurting. The hand feels tight, achy and sometimes the muscles get stiff, crampy and weak.

    If I lay down the swelling goes down. In the morning,I wake up and it looks the same as the right hand, and then the whole cycle begins again.

    Anyone else experiencing this. Or maybe someone has an idea why this might be happening?


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    Dear Dash,

    I have what sounds like the same thing going on. I am convinved its a buildup of whatever it is that does not get filtered out of our systems and eliminatd. I'm cfids/me/fms.

    Several years ago i went to an MD for a second opinion, and after a lengthly discusion she bet me I was acid and advised to get some ph strips for urine monitoring.

    On the way home I recalled from a recent lecture by Paul Cheney that cfids/me patients develop intercellular acidity, and the body responds by reducing bood volume to compensate and build alkalinity.

    So, when I arrived home I mixed up a teaspoon of baking soda in 8 oz of water and downed it. I increased the dosage to 3 teaspoons per day/divided and immediately started loosing puffiness from everywhere - and I felt alot better and lost some weight.

    I now take 1 teaspoon daily as maintainance, and actually monitor the swelling (fluid collection?) between my left hand knuckles to keep an eye on things.

    I've tried skipping and in about a week I'm down and out, but recover quickly in a few days at 1 teaspoon daily.

    All the usual disclaimers, not medical advice, your milage may vary, etc.

    Best regards,


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    bumping for answers
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    Hi Della,

    I have Fibro, CFS, and Lyme Disease.

    I first had the exact same swelling in my knuckles you are talking about when I was a teenager in school...LONG before I was diagnosed with a chronic illness.

    I was told it might be carpal tunnel, or tendonitis...they didn't do much for me except tell me to tough it out, so I did. In other words, I was told I was practicing my flute too much and that repetitive motion caused it. Hindsight tells me now that it was probably a symptom of one of my illnesses.

    I was very skinny at the time, so I personally don't think being heavy has anything to do with it.

    I don't have any possible medical explanations for you right now...

    I can tell you that I am on a very strict lifestyle change, and am highly allergic to many foods and medications, and I have to take digestive enzymes in order for my body to even process food, fluids and medicines.

    My fingers (and the rest of me) rapidly got skinny once I started getting the correct treatment.

    Also, I'm still prone to retaining water, so for that I use decaf green tea as a diuretic, instead of going to the doctor and getting a pill.

    I hope you aren't as sick as I got and that the answers will come to you.

    Good luck!