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    Hiya all
    I should have posted this on my other post really, having a blonde moment.
    Since Friday I have had a lot of swelling in my right knee there does not seem to be any reason for this I have not knocked it or twisted it, the only problem is I can't tell where the pain I have in that knee is the FM pain I have their 24/7 anyway or if the pain is related to something else, does anyone else get swelling like this for no reason...I know I get face and neck swelling due to FM but not had any other noticable swelling x
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    That is what was causing my Pain, and I had surgery on it, back in 95, I think? Anyway, it came back right off the bat, and I won't have another op on it.
    The first one took me forever to get over.
    I couldn't bend my knee for 4 months, and thought I never would again.
    PT helped, then, but, like I said the same thing happened again.

    We are also prone to what is called, "Buckling Knees"
    So that could be a part of it, plus when it is HOT like now, my Knee swells, and looks like it would pop,
    I use Moist Heat, and my Soma's, and stay off my feel, as much as possible when this happens.

    Hope you get this looked at, because, not all things are FMS related, we do have co-exisiting conditions with similiar symptoms, so it's a good idea, if it doesn't let up soon, to get it checked out.

    Hope your feeling better soon,