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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DragonBall, May 3, 2003.

  1. DragonBall

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    other than my usual pain in leg,my ankle on other leg is also painful.it swells up to twice its size,and only goes down when iget up and walk!my insomnia isent helping either.i tried some aspirin and it did help at first but now its no good.anyone any ideas on this,iwas fitted with insoles from hospital,ive got flat feet,fallen arches.my doctor hasent got a clue and im fresh out of them PLEASE HELP love debs
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    I wish I had an answer for you. I just wanted to bump this back up to the top for you.

    Are you maybe retaining water? Take any water pills? It isn't gout, is it? But surely your doc would know if it were either of these.

    Hope you're soon feeling better.

    Take care.......Kathi
  3. DragonBall

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    thanks, you are probably right i used to take water tablets a while ago. i take that many supps and painkillers i feel im going to rattle,but i will be buying them. it cant be gout, idont even eat red meat,thats scary!love debs
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    I hope I am not stepping out of line with this reply but I really just want to help. Have you tried magnets? No they are not a cure all but they do seem to sometimes help. I have alot of problems in various parts of my body along with the fibro and my magnets to seem to help as far as swelling goes anyway. Sonya
  5. DragonBall

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    thanks for the advice,i will buy some when my husband gets paid ive had my quota on pain killers.im still waiting to hear from the disability allowance,what a drag heh, lol deb
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    I've been going to Weight Watchers and someone in the meeting suggested Cranberry Juice for swelling. You can use either the red or the white. I've tried it and it works! Hope this helps and good luck.