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    can anyone please tell me if they have trouble with their feet ,ankles and hands sweeling. i know fibro effects everything else.would appreciate any info.
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    in my knees and ankles. I don't know why: Doctors never figured it out. It comes and goes, but I have not had it happen in a months now. I did go to chiropractor today: He said I had a lot of inflammation, and I have been taking meds which seem to not be helping.

    Sorry I could not be more help.

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    thank you so much for responding to my ? i am trying to find out on my own what may be causing this problem. i do not have any insurance so it is hard to go to the doctor. the swelling just started a few months ago and it is not everyday. i am also going through menapause ,so that maybe it to. just started having high blood pressure at times also. do you have trouble with that? i had went to the doctor a while back for a kidney infection which happens alot and she gave me a blood pressure pill. i don't know if you have problems with allergic reactions to things or not. I DO AND IT IS TERRIBLE. i think i had saw on here before that people with fibro has sensitivity to things. SO i heard that drinking red wine will help bring down high blood pressure and relax you. i don't believe in drinking so i have had a hard time deciding to do that. i am afraid to try any meds do to some horrific reactions to meds,so i am trying the wine. it has helped me to sleep some better and i will ck my pressure in a couple of weeks to see if it does help. i aplogize for rambling on . (BUT IT HELPS TO TALK TO SOMEONE WITH FIBRO )

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    When I saw my family doctor she wanted to put me on meds because my bp was high two visits in a row. I took one pill and said NO WAY: I was a mess. Since then it has lowered on its own: I had the same problem a about 7 years ago. All I did then was start walking, watching what I ate, and starting eating food that helps lower your BP (example is celery). Sorry, but can't help with the drinking wine: I have never been a fan of wine, and only drink maybe once a year if we take a vacation.

    I know all too well about new alergies. I never had any until one day I had a cat scan with dye. I was in the hospital, thank god, and after the test I could not breath and went into shock. Now it seems like a lot of meds cause me to be tight in the chest and trouble breathing. I have an epi pen but ever had to use it, and always have benadryl with me.

    Best of luck,
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    they drained me of all energy so I weaned myself off them. I read a book about water intake. Did you know if you drink less than what you should your body will retain the water. I personally have found that if I pour the water down, my body will start to release the water. For me it's about 48 oz. of water and I'm 5'5. ALSO.....watch your salt intake. Regular salt is BAD for you....lots of chemicals. Switch to sea salt.